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Acer Liquid Jade and Acer Liquid Leap available in Europe. - Curved surface Liquid Jade stylephone and colorful Liquid Leap wearable hits European stores as IFA debuts.
BIOGGIO, Switzerland (2014-08-26)

After their announcement last June at Computex in Taipei, Acer Liquid Jade and Liquid Leap have been highly anticipated, and are now to be released in Europe as IFA in Berlin kicks off.
Acer’s first-ever wearable device Liquid Leap, as well as the company’s thinnest smartphone to date Liquid Jade, will be available in Europe starting September 7, 2014. Simultaneously, both devices will be exhibited at the Acer booth (hall 12, booth 101) at IFA 2014 in Berlin, giving users the opportunity to witness Acer’s most recent innovations and discover what makes Liquid Leap and Liquid Jade unique smart products.

The Acer booth at IFA 2014 at Berlin Messe (hall 12/101) will be open to the public from September 5th to September 10th 2014, following the new product announcements at the Acer Global Press Conference on September 3rd.

Acer Liquid Leap | Acer’s first wearable device
By developing Liquid Leap, Acer had one thing in mind: the user. This innovative wearable convinces with features aimed at keeping track of all aspects of one’s life in a small 1-inch package (it is in fact the smallest touch device ever developed by Acer). There is no question that Liquid Leap radiates an understated elegance with its modern, minimalistic, button-free design. But its qualities go well beyond looks, the ultra-slim 1” touch-screen is nestled in a durable rubber wristband. And, of course, the 17 mm band is hypoallergenic which makes it easy to wear day and night and ensures the perfect comfort and fit for both women and men.

The Acer Liquid Leap is the ideal smart wearable device for active digital users who have both a need and a desire to always be connected. It becomes a fitness companion by tracking the user’s steps, running distance, calories burned and sleep times. Its waterproof function (IPX7) allows the user to be ready for any adventure and take the Acer Liquid Leap truly everywhere. And the music function allows remote control functions such as “play”, “pause”, “previous”, and “next song”.

But Acer Liquid Leap is not only great to work-out with but it also comes-in handy for just work: it stays on 24/7 with a battery life of up to 7 days, and features phone, SMS and email notification so the user will never miss an important message. Moreover, it sends out automatic reminders for meetings and other calendar events. Last but not least, it supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, making it seamlessly easy to pair to the Acer Liquid Jade.

Light-weight and stylish, the Liquid Leap comes in a variety of colors: Moonstone White, Mineral Black, Aquamarine Green, Fragrant Pink, and Vivid Orange.

Acer Liquid Jade | The artwork inside your pocket
The Liquid Jade’s essence is simple: It is an elegant, stylish 5” iconic smartphone packed in an ultra-thin and pleasantly ergonomic form factor. Measuring 7.5 mm in thickness and weighing only 110g, it is indeed the slimmest smartphone in Acer history.

Thanks to its design lines, which are exclusively curved, it is also one of the brand’s most visually pleasing devices. The thinness and lightness convey an elegant first lasting impression, and create a touching relationship between the user and the curved-surface body design. But there is more. Elaborate details underline Liquid Jade’s classiness: the receiver and speaker reflect an idea of ripple and the transparent cosmetic ring is pure and polished. The UV high glossy painting of rear side presents an advanced quality as well as a functional comfort for long-time holding and carrying. Overall, it shows an artistic approach to all aspects of its design. It is designed for expressionists to demonstrate their lifestyle and personalities.

Also outdoors, Liquid Jade is the perfect choice thanks to the state-of-the-art Zero Air Gap bonding: the Smooth Touch glass screen is specially attached to the LCD panel, which eliminates reflections and enhances contrast and brightness. Hence, Liquid Jade is the ideal partner for Liquid Leap when it’s time to go outside for the daily fitness routine. Taking a picture while jogging? No problem for Liquid Jade: The high-resolution camera on the rear catches the users’ eyes immediately.

The Acer Liquid Jade runs on Android 4.4, and its 5-inch HD screen, featuring IPS, Gorilla® Glass 3 and Zero Air Gap technologies, offers bright visuals, perfect for scrolling through galleries of precious memories captured through the 13-MP camera.