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Acer Announces Full Line of 4K2K and WQHD Resolution Monitors - Bigger screens, sharper images plus smart color control and eye protect technologies provide comfortable viewing
BIOGGIO, Switzerland (2014-08-13)

Acer announces its comprehensive lineup of high resolution monitors with bigger screens up to 32 inches and sharper images in 4K2K and WQHD resolutions. In addition, Acer ColorPlus and Acer EyeProtect features present stunning and higher quality imageries for a more immersive and comfortable visual experience.
Acer has three high resolution monitor series designed for individual-, SMB-, or corporate professionals who specialize in visual and gaming or work with complex data.

  • Acer B6 Specialty series designed for the commercial market with up to 32-inch screen, features an ergonomic stand( ) that allows the display to tilt -5 to 35 degrees and swivel 60 degrees to the left or right for maximum user comfort.
  • Acer CB0 series for the prosumer market segment such as SMB and home offices, and features Acer EyeProtect and ColorPlus technologies to improve work productivity.
  • Acer XB0 series for ardent gamers; when used with a GeForce® GTX™-powered PC, NVIDIA® G-SYNC™ display technology eliminates screen tearing and minimizes display stutter and input lag to deliver smoother, faster, and more responsive gaming experiences.

Bigger screen and sharper imagery
The new high resolution monitors with 27-32-inch screens( ) offer more real estate to display expansive content. They display sharper images in WQHD (2560 x 1440 pixels) and 4K2K (3840 x 2160 pixels) that’s four times the resolution of 1080p Full HD, presenting stunning high quality images for outstanding visual enjoyment. On the 21:9 aspect ratio( ) (2560 x 1080 pixels) models users can view dual screens in landscape mode for convenient multi-tasking, or switch to portrait mode for viewing lengthy webpages or data with less page scrolling.
Acer ColorPlus for rich and consistent colors
Acer ColorPlus( ) is a set of technologies that ensures real and consistent color output in addition to sharper and clearer visuals.
Built-in 100% sRGB color correction technology delivers high color accuracy and color space reproduction, while the wide color gamut gives rich, natural colors desired by design professionals and photo enthusiasts for accurate color matching across applications and print output. 6-axis color independent adjustment permits precise color and saturation control for customized settings. The 178 degrees wide viewing angle( ) preserves image clarity and prime colors without color shift or image distortion. Super sharpness technology optimizes images from a lower resolution for clearer image quality, for example, optimizing the 1080p photo on a high resolution monitor.
Acer EyeProtect aides prolonged use
Acer EyeProtect( ) incorporates several features that take into consideration prolonged usage by heavy users such as programmers, writers, and graphic designers to reduce eye strain. It includes Flicker-less technology that eliminates screen flicker for comfortable viewing through a stable supply of power; ComfyView display that reduces reflection from light sources on the non-glare panel; and Low-dimming technology that enables brightness settings down to 15 percent in darker environments to reduce eye fatigue while working in non-optimal lighting conditions.

Specifications may vary depending on model.

Screen sizes may vary depending on model.

21:9 ratio available on 29” size only.

Acer ColorPlus available on B6 Specialty and CB0 series only.

178-degrees wide viewing angle on B6 Specialty series and selected models.

Acer EyeProtect available on CB0 and XB0 series only.