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Acer Announces MOU with MediaTek for Cloud and Wearable Technologies - MediaTek joins Acer’s partner alliance for the development of BYOC™ solutions for the cloud era
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-06-04)

Acer and MediaTek announced today at Computex a memorandum of understanding in the cooperation of cloud and wearable technologies. The companies hope to create more opportunities for innovation and develop a wide range of products in this emerging field.

Acer’s cloud solution, Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC™), is based on the Acer Open Platform (AOP) and allies with partners across platform and industries with the goal of building innovative applications to enhance the quality of life in the connected world.

Stan Shih, Chairman of Acer, said, “Acer will be working with MediaTek on the development of BYOC. I’m excited about the potential opportunities it brings for our companies in the field of cloud technology and wearable devices, and am looking forward to seeing innovative new applications and technologies that benefit our customers in the BYOC ecosystem.

Ming-Kai Tsai, Chairman and CEO of MediaTek, said, “We expect wearable devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) market to take off in the coming years and anticipate that MediaTek will be a big part of the growth. We pride ourselves on developing innovative and inclusive technologies that give everyone on the planet the opportunity to have technology in their life. This partnership with Acer will enable us to further fuel the impact that all kinds of devices will have in one’s life. With a keen focus on ensuring that we leverage all of our solutions and platforms across the business, we will introduce entirely new offerings such as, the LinkIt™ developer platform for the IoT market. Combine this with new ways to engage developers and partners with MediaTek Labs™, we expect see a rise in the IoT products.”

MediaTek is a market leader in cutting-edge systems on a chip for wireless communications and connectivity. The cooperation between Acer and MediaTek shall be based on the Acer Open Platform (AOP). The companies hope to widely incorporate MediaTek’s integrated Chipsets for wearable and IoT devices into the BYOC ecosystem, and jointly develop new technology and applications that create value for all stakeholders.