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Acer Premiers BYOC™ Solutions at its Experience Center Opening in Taiwan
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-05-29)

Editors’ Summary

  • Acer’s new BYOC Experience Center showcases solutions designed to redefine the connected world for individuals and businesses
  • Four key experiential zones demonstrate apps developed by Acer and its partners
  • Experience the BYOC ecosystem and learn how individuals and businesses can build their personal clouds

Acer today premiered its Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC™) ecosystem at the opening of its BYOC Experience Center in Aspire Park, Taiwan. BYOC is Acer’s new brand for solutions designed to redefine the connected world for individuals and businesses in the era of the cloud technology, and demonstrates how they can become A Touch More Connected through BYOC.

The experience center demonstrates a range of apps in four key experiential zones developed by Acer as well as solutions in collaboration with partners. Visitors will be able to experience the BYOC ecosystem and learn how individuals or businesses can build their personal clouds.

Acer’s BYOC is a world where users can easily create, personalize and enjoy their own connected universe across any device or accessory. The combination of the Acer Open Platform (AOP), BYOC empowered devices, and BYOC apps, opens up a new world of possibilities to all industries, enabling businesses to efficiently create solutions for consumers to sync their life in real-time, wirelessly and simultaneously to access anything, anytime, anywhere.

Acer Chairman Stan Shih said, “Based on the Acer Open Platform, BYOC crosses platforms and industries and allies with partners to build new applications for a better quality of life. We are calling for partners to join the BYOC ecosystem to develop new technologies and apps, and in the spirit of Wangdao, create value for our mutual benefits.”

Acer Open Platform
The AOP is not a new concept; in fact it was the basis of the AcerCloud™ application services launched in 2012. Leveraging its established cloud and application services know-how, Acer is creating new solutions and platform alliances, helping software and hardware developers build their own cloud apps based on the AOP that offers major advantages including high scalability and reliability, and security. AOP also helps businesses bypass the time and investment it takes to create and deploy a basic cloud for different types of connected devices and realize concepts and ideas, and create cross-platform, cross-device, cross-network cloud services, software, and hardware in one step.

AOP supports all major operating systems (Windows Desktop, Windows 8 UI, Android, iOS, and Linux) and multiple device types (notebook and desktop PCs, smartphones, tablets and network storage devices).

BYOC for businesses
In anticipation of the growing prevalence of the “Internet of Things”, Acer is preparing for the foreseeable integration of cloud technology into all aspect of peoples’ everyday lives, including their cars and homes. Acer is already investing resources and developing concept products with partners, including apps that record in-car settings and routes of different drivers. To illustrate the trends in smart homes, the BYOC experience center features scenarios showing how mobile devices can easily control home appliance settings remotely.

More BYOC services for enterprise customers will be demonstrated at the experience center allowing business owners to understand how cloud technologies and mobile devices can create a quality digital life for their consumers, thus reaping the benefits of customer intimacy:

  • eBooks - download online books or magazines anytime, anywhere.
  • eAuction - access B2B or B2B2C online auction websites for transparent and real-time bidding.
  • eTicketing - purchase online tickets for concerts or events, create a QR code and store in the smartphone for entry to event venues for everything at your fingertips.

Many partners from among various industries attended the grand opening of the BYOC Experience Center, they include: Apacer and Phison for memory devices with BYOC apps; Studio X-Gene and Advanced Telematic Systems (ATS) for connected cars; EcoLumia and CarryTech for smart homes; FutureDial and NTI for software; and Pili puppet art and Wind Music in the cultural and creative industries. In terms of service and content providers, Acer is cooperating with Babybanks and Unlimiter for health services; publishing companies including CommonWealth, Business Today, Business Weekly, Global Views Monthly magazines for e-books; and partners in different realms including Yuan-Liou Publishing and the comic artist Chi Chung Tsai.

BYOC for individuals
For individual users, Acer has launched a suite of Acer BYOC apps (abApps), where consumers can simply use their own PC as their personal cloud storage. Within this secure and reliable environment, users can store, sync, and share their digital data easily across three popular operating systems, Windows, Android and iOS. The first available abApps for consumers are abFiles, abPhoto, abDoc and abMusic, which are free and offered to non-Acer device owners as well.

Bringing businesses closer to customers
Acer offers a flexible business model built on its data center’s (eDC’s) cloud framework, and allows service providers to get closer to consumers to better understand their mobile digital lifestyles. This model also provides the stage for businesses to build up their own brand, get to know customer consumption behavior, and create more business opportunities.

The BYOC experience center is open for pre-arranged visits. Visit for more information about the BYOC ecosystem.