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Acer Nominates Independent Directors
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-03-27)

Acer’s Board of Directors today approved the nominations of independent directors for election at the next shareholders’ meeting in June. The nominees are: Dr. Ji-Ren Lee, Professor of International Business at National Taiwan University, Cheng Wu, CEO and co-founder of Azuki Systems, and Dr. F.C. Tseng, vice chairman of TSMC, for an extended term.

Acer seeks for independent directors for their broad experience and knowledge. Their contribution from an independent standpoint to the company strategy, along with the Board members, will create a strong and balanced team to lead the corporation forward and enhance corporate governance.

Dr. Ji-Ren Lee, Professor of International Business at National Taiwan University, has experiences from serving in diverse industries spanning motor, pharmaceutical, and technology. Academically, he specializes in the subjects of strategic management, enterprise growth strategy and organization development, new market entry and strategy. Dr. Lee was Executive Director of the EMBA Program at National Taiwan University from 2005-2008, a visiting scholar at MIT’s Industrial Performance Center, and attended Darden school of Business, University of Virginia on the Fulbright Scholar in 2006-2007.

Cheng Wu, Chairman and co-founder at Azuki Systems and consultant to Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), is a successful serial entrepreneur and well-acclaimed industry veteran. Formerly the Group VP of Cisco Systems, Wu led a team of 2000 engineers in product development to achieve annual revenues of US$1.5 billion.

His entrepreneurship began in 1995 with a Massachusetts-based startup. In 1997 he founded and led ArrowPoint Communications to a successful IPO and was acquired by Cisco Systems for US$5.7 billion in 2000. In 2002, he founded Acopia Networks with US$65M, a leader in high-performance and intelligent file virtualization solutions, which was acquired by F5 Networks for US$210M in 2007. In the same year, Wu founded Azuki Systems with US$6M specializing in broadband wireless multimedia data transfer software, which was subsequently acquired by Ericsson for US$100M in February 2014. Wu was named the “Key Industry Player” by Massachusetts Telecom Council in 2002, and listed on the “Top 25 Unsung Heroes of the internet” by InteractiveWeek Magazine in 2000.

Current independent director Sir Julian Horn-Smith, former deputy CEO of Vodafone Group, shall complete his three-year term ending in June 2014.