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Acer Invests 7 Million Shares in PChome Group’s Third-Party Payment Business - As part of the corporate transformation Acer invests in PChomePay for opportunities in ecommerce
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-01-07)

Acer announces the strategic partnership with PChome Group by purchasing 7 million shares in PChomePay, the group’s third party payment business in Taiwan. The purchase represents 15.6% of shares, and marks Acer’s positive stance on the future opportunities in Internet trading and transaction.

PChomePay was established in March 2012 focusing mainly on third party payment platform for online trading. The market capital increased from NT$380 million to NT$450 million with Acer’s investment.
Acer Chairman Stan Shih said, “Under the ICT industry’s paradigm shift Acer is going beyond hardware-based thinking; the investment in e-commerce and our self-built cloud (Build Your Own Cloud, “BYOC”) is our important deployment of ‘hardware + software + services’ transformation. I firmly believe that the cooperation between Acer and PChome Group will gradually produce win-win results.”

Shih continued, “Starting off as the technology partner of PChomePay’s ecommerce payment gateway, it’s possible for Acer to then become the security technology partner of PChome Group. In the long term, our two companies may also collaborate to deliver innovative applications via the ‘hardware + software + services platform.’”

Acer entered the e-service business more than ten years ago, and today provides secure 24x7 online payment services to banks, and physical and Internet merchants. In addition, Acer provides a platform for utility payments via banks with “check and pay” services.

Information security and management
In terms of information security and uninterrupted services, Acer has accumulated rich experience and technology knowhow from its e-Enabling Data Center (eDC) operation in Taoyuan, Taiwan since 2002 with the reliability rate of 99.9998%. Currently Acer provides information security services to 250 large-scale customers, and monitors nearly a thousand network devices such as firewalls. Acer holds the leading position in terms of market share and core competence in Taiwan.

Third-party payment service is a means of Internet transaction and credit intermediary, and plays the important role of connecting the network of buyers, sellers and banks.