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Acer Remains No.1 DLP Brand in EMEA For The 23th Consecutive Quarter
BIOGGIO, Switzerland (2014-12-02)

Acer retains its position as number one DLP Brand in EMEA for the 23th consecutive quarter. According Q3 market-share results for projectors in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Acer remains the leading brand with 16.4% market-share across the entire region, and pleasing results such as over 50% market-share in South Africa, and over 30% market-share in Turkey1 . Acer became the no.1 in 2008, and has maintained this position for the past 5 years and 11 months. According to market research and analysis run by PMA (Pacific Media Associates), no brand sold more DLP projectors in EMEA since 2008 than Acer.

Reliability & Eco-Friendly Functionality

While the brand’s success can be attributed to many factors, the first one that should be mentioned is the reliability of its devices. All of Acer’s projectors are covered by two separate warranties: the lamps are protected for one year, while the DLP® chip is protected for five. Moreover, the brand has kept the environment in mind when developing its range, and all of its projectors include environment-friendly features such as Acer EcoProjection technology, which reduces standby power consumption by 90%, Acer ExtremeEco, which enables up to 70% power consumption saving during periods with no input signal, Acer ExtremeEco mode, which extends the lamp life to up to 8000 hours, saving lamp-replacement cost, and a low noise level of only 31 dBA, which provides clear audibility and no ambient disturbances.

Seamless Visuals

Moreover, the high quality manufacturing and the state-of-the-art technologies built into its products have certainly facilitated Acer’s establishment as leading DLP brand in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Nearly all Acer projectors are equipped with two sets of technologies developed in-house: Acer ColorBoost and Acer ColorSafe. Acer ColorBoost, now also available as Acer ColorBoost 3D, ensures superior color performance. It is a combination of technical advancements and specialized techniques to control the projector lamp that secures vivid colors, realistic skin-tones, and brilliant details. Acer ColorSafe, on the other hand, ensures the beautiful visuals provided by ColorSafe remain consistent over time, even after prolonged use of 2’000 hours or more.

Cable-free Setup

Another aspect that has contributed to making Acer no.1 DPL brand in EMEA is, without a doubt, the range of Wireless Projection solutions available on its products. Thanks to a simple optional Acer wireless dongle (USB or MHL), paired to the Acer eDisplay application (available on Google Play and Apple AppStore), users can easily project content from their personal devices, or directly mirror their mobile screen. Acer eDisplay even proposes a Split Quad screen-view, which allows up to four users to project simultaneously, using any of the eDisplay supported functions, such as camera projection, web browsing, document editing, or sketching. Furthermore, Acer is proud to announce that it will be releasing, in the near future, a WiHD dongle to enable High Definition wireless projection at 1080p, as well as a Bluetooth audio-connection solution and better support for Acer BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud), as to make the viewing experience complete while remaining truly cable-free.

Versatile Solutions & High-Definition

Finally, the line-up of projectors offered has been developed to answer a diverse spectrum of user needs. Acer creates devices for professionals, improving productivity with WUXGA to SVGA resolutions; consumers, by enabling a cinema-like experience within the user’s home; and travelers, by providing compact and light products of extreme portability. The Acer range also includes Short Throw and Ultra Short Throw projectors as to break down all space constraints and to avoid shadow interference in small or crowded rooms. With competitive pricing and high-quality manufacturing, it is clear that the brand has not remained no.1 for nearly six years by chance.

1. Figures provided by the Pacific Media Association analyst firm.