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Acer Q3 Financial Results: Consolidated Revenue NT$85.69B (US$2.82B), up 5.3% QoQ; Operating Income NT$1.10B (US$36.27M); PAT NT$651M (US$21.38M); EPS NT$0.24
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-11-06)

Acer’s Board today approved the financial results for Q3 2014 with consolidated revenue of NT$85.69B (US$2.82B), down 7% year-on-year (YoY) but up 5.3% quarter-on-quarter (QoQ) to mark the third straight profitable quarter. Operating income reached NT$1.10B (US$36.27M), profits after tax (PAT) was NT$651M (US$21.38M), and EPS was NT$0.24.

The operating income was up by NT$3.67B (US$120.71M) YoY with an operating margin of 1.3% to exceed the previous two quarters. The gross profit of NT$7.68B (US$252.30M) further establishes Acer’s turnaround to growth.

For the period of Q1~Q3 2014, Acer reported the operating income of NT$1.89B (US$62.20M) for a gain of NT$5.05B (US$165.85M) YoY; PAT was NT$1.14B (US$37.34M) for a gain of NT$14.09B (US$462.78M) YoY, marking considerable advancement.

According to IDC’s Q3 2014 data for PCs worldwide, Acer grew 13.3% YoY in shipments in contrast to the overall industry decline of 0.5%. The achievement in Q3 was the result of a good product mix, new product announcements and back-to-school demand. In Q4 Acer expects the seasonal promotions among its regions to continue the steady growth momentum.

  • The spot rate as of September 30, 2014 was used — US$1: NT$30.436.
  • Acer Inc. consolidated revenue includes revenues from other companies in which Acer Inc. has 50% or more ownership, and already deducts any revenues between Acer Inc. and these companies to avoid double-counting.