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Acer Partners with Intel® Education Software to Deliver 21st Century School Solutions
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (June 25, 2013) (2013-06-25)

Acer is bringing to market notebooks and tablets outfitted with           Intel® Education Software (IES).  Acer will offer IES on the TravelMate B113 notebook and the Iconia W510/W510P tablet with plans to expand the offering to the full line of products targeted at the education market.

“Intel brings the expertise, technology, and robust ecosystem that provide the foundation for educators and governments to transform education and prepare their citizens to fully participate in the global economy,” said Walter Deppeler, Sr. Corp. VP & Chairman of Marketing Committee, Acer Inc.

Intel has provided more than 10 million students with technology designed for education and more than 10 million teachers with professional development, and helped more than 100 governments around the world to transform their educational systems.  Acer believes student success is best served by a combination of learning and teaching platforms with tablets, notebooks, desktops, connectivity, and as well as the data center at the back end. Acer’s Intel-based solutions offer the flexibility of an open architecture so educators can choose the peripherals, software, instructional content, and infrastructure they need, making it easy to integrate into the classroom now and in the future.

TravelMate B113 notebook and Iconia W510/W510P tablet – now available with IES

Today, Acer is announcing the availability of the TravelMate B113 (11.6”) notebook and the Iconia W510/W510P tablet with Intel® Education Software and Intel® processors.  These products are designed to withstand the rigors of the education environment.  They are designed for dependability, security, and offer long battery life. 

IES – Makes Learning Come Alive

The IES suite helps students to foster 21st century skills, such as communication, collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, and digital literacy.  It empowers educators to change the learning experience and efficiently manage their classroom.  It supports IT in protecting students, securing data, and managing infrastructures. 

IES applications include: 1) Kno Textbooks, an interactive e-Reader designed specifically for education 2) Lab Camera, a camera-based science exploration application 3) SPARKvue, a data analysis application that collects data from internal and external sensors 4) Media Camera, a multi-media application that enables students to capture and edit pictures and video 5) ArtRage, a painting and drawing digital artwork application 6) Classroom Management, a collaborative classroom-learning solution 7) McAfee® AntiVirus.

Acer Education products include tablets, notebooks, desktops, monitors, projectors, and servers to provide a complete portfolio of products for education institutions.   Acer Education notebooks and tablets combined with IES will provide a foundation to help prepare students for success in the 21st century knowledge-driven economy.