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Acer talks to students about choosing a career in ICT industry

Editor’s Summary:

  • Acer met teachers and students for an online chat on “Why to choose a career in ICT industry”.
  • Students from 29 schools all around Europe discussed with Acer the role of education in developing the skills for a career in ICT.
  • Acer offered students an insight on the skills and education companies are looking for in a candidate.

As part of the “Acer for Education” strategy and concept, Acer has recently hosted another valuable activity. Under the inGenious programme of European Schoolnet, the company brought together teachers and students for an online discussion on the topic “Why to choose a career in ICT industry”.

inGenious is the European Coordinating Body in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Education that aims to reinforce young Europeans’ interest in science education and careers and thus address likely future skills gaps within the European Union.

29 schools from nine European countries – including Croatia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Estonia, Israel, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey – met online to chat with Acer about what is involved in a career in ICT. Acer experts were handling the conversation in front of a webcam, while students and teachers were posting their questions in an online chat room. Participation in the discussion was open to teachers’ members of the inGenious pilot schools or the inGenious extended network of schools. To register they had to go to the Acer and European Schoolnet website at

The chat covered many topics with students – aged between 15 and 18 – wanting to know if ICT is truly everywhere. Acer explained that ICT is broad, so broad that it is everywhere, in different forms, in every industry and that it is an extremely fast moving field. Then students went on debating how schools can prepare them for jobs that do not exist yet and how to develop skills that won’t become quickly obsolete. Acer believes that the introduction of technology in the learning process can be a turning point. As it’s not only a matter of what to study; the best way to learn something also needs to be factored in and technology can help with that.

Another topic of discussion was the debate between theory and practice. Students wanted to know what’s more important theory, practice or experience and why keep studying if experience is more valuable. According to Acer an in-depth understanding of the theory is necessary in order to create a solid basis to develop experience and practice.

Then the conversation moved on to a Human Resources perspective. Students were very interested in finding out how important are  grades, how to succeed when applying for a job, how to write a CV that can stand out and capture the attention, and which are the profiles that Acer is most interested in hiring. Curiosity, motivation and passion are key factors in helping them to stand out from the crowd and be successful. Acer supports human progress and personal development, passion for activities and desire for new life experiences. Students also wanted to know which kind of internship programmes Acer offers and how to apply. Other topics covered were the subject which should be studied for a better approach to a career in ICT and how less well-off countries can be competitive in education.

Thanks to this chat with Acer, students and teachers had the opportunity to find out the business perspective on the role of education in training future generations for a career in ICT. They have been able to get an insight of the skills and key factors that are most valuable to companies looking for a candidate. Acer believes that these chats can give students a head start in pursuing their work objectives, and are a great way to bring the world of business and of education closer for an exchange of views on their respective needs.

Acer’s mission of breaking down barriers between people and technology makes the company the appropriate partner for education institutions. Acer is committed to improve and empower the Education sector by supporting the use of technology in schools for a better and faster learning process. Creating innovative technology for the classroom, Acer helps students explore beyond limits providing access to new paths of communication and interaction. Empowering educators to keep pace with today’s high-tech world, Acer’s trusted solutions are easy to use for teachers and students alike.