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New Thin & Light Notebooks line-up with latest generation Intel processors
Bioggio, Switzerland (2013-06-04)

Editor’s Summary:

  • A full range of display sizes, colours and configurations to meet multiple tastes and expectations
  • Latest generation processors from Intel to handle different needs from basic every day computing to outstanding entertainment
  • A line-up covering the entire spectrum from ultra-mobility to Powerful entertainment

Acer today announced the new notebook line-up that includes the Aspire V3 entertainment laptop, the updated and slimmed down V5 Series of notebooks, the powerful V7 Ultrabook. The company also introduced the E1 series packed with all the essentials for everyday computing. Powered by fourth generation Intel® Core™ processors, Acer’s new notebooks offer a variety of style, colour and performance options to adapt to multiple lifestyles and needs.

Aspire V3 – Mobile entertainment powerhouse

The updated version of the Aspire V3 notebook is the mobile answer to the entertainment desktop. Featuring a 43.18 cm (17.3”) HD+ or Full HD panel, this notebook inherits the stylish and classy design of the previous generation, enhancing it with a sophisticated brushed hairline finish and a choice of smart colours – Chic Champagne and Sophisticated Black. But it’s when it comes to playing games or delivering a great entertainment experience that the Aspire V3 shows its true nature.

Meant to satisfy even the most demanding users, the Aspire V3 provides an outstanding graphics performance thanks to GeForce GTX GT760Mwith 2GB DDR5 VRAM, or to NVIDIA GeForce GT750M with 4GB DDR3 VRAM, that ensure the best combination of crisp high definition imagery and truly smooth playback of even the fastest moving images. The stunning graphics is paired with immersive crystal clear audio courtesy of Dolby Surround Home Theatre v4 for an exceptional performance whether playing games or watching a movie.

The Aspire V3 is equipped with 4th generation Intel® Core™ i7 processors that deliver outstanding performance - even with the most demanding games and applications - as well as balanced power consumption. In addition to the 17” screen, users can play a game or display contents on an even bigger screen with the HDMI output.

Aspire V5 series -Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The new V5 notebooks come in three display sizes - 39.6 cm (15.6”), 35.6 cm (14”) and 29.5 cm (11.6”) – to meet different lifestyles and performance needs. The 15.6” and 14” models are available both with or without touch screens and include a full size keyboard with optional backlighting and key caps 8 percent larger (15mm) than previous generation V5 notebooks. The 11.6" notebook integrates the same size keyboard as on a typical 13.3" model to optimize the typing experience.

The Aspire V5 notebooks are available with either high definition (1366 x 768) or full high definition (1920 x 1080), including the option of non-glare finish on the screen to reduce the distraction caused by light reflections (only available on 15.6'' models). The full high definition panel comes with IPS technology, providing amazingly vibrant images and a wide viewing angle. These models also include four speakers and are supported by Dolby Home Theatre for crystal clear surround sound.

Selected models are equipped with NVIDIA GeForce GT7XXM series discrete graphics for fast casual gaming and rich responsive multimedia. To meet a wide variety of computing needs, they include a range of the latest generation Intel processors.

Designed to make life more colourful, the V5 notebooks come in a range of great colours meant to show off the cool metallic finish. The choice of colours depends on the model: the 11.6” comes in Chili Silver or Ice Blue; the 14.0” is available in Cool Steel, Champagne Ice, Arctic Rose and Hot Pink; lastly, the 15.6” version can be chosen in Polar Black, Cool Steel, Champagne Ice and Red Blush.

V7 Series Ultrabooks - When Performance is Critical

The new V7 Series Ultrabooks share the same stylish and thin design of the V5 models, but add a “silky touch” finish on the bottom. In addition, the V7 models are equipped with a choice of latest generation processors from Intel, up to Core™ i7, and with either NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 750M or NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 720M as graphics options, enabling customers to create HD video 2 times faster or edit photos in half the time, on top of delivering a better gaming experience.

With the V7 series, users can make the most of Window 8 functionalities thanks to the10 point multi touch screen, that is standard on all models. The V7 notebooks are available with either high definition (1366x768) or full high-definition (1920x1080) panels which display incredibly lively images and a wide viewing angle.

Other great features include fast and resilient solid state drives, offering quick responsiveness, while Acer Theft Shield keeps data secure. The new Acer converter port, a dual-array microphone and WiDi – Intel’s Wireless Display technology, which makes it easy to connect directly to a big screen HDTV for watching movies or videos, flicking through photos or playing games – come as standard on the V7 models.

Aspire E1- Daily computing with ease

The Aspire E1 notebooks series is available in two high-definition display sizes - 39.6 cm (15.6”) and 35.6 cm (14”) - to enjoy rich and crisp images when watching videos or pictures. The 15.6” model is also optionally offered with a non-glare screen, which makes viewing more pleasant and reduces eyestrain. And thanks to the HDMI port, favourite movies can be displayed on a bigger screen.

Thinner than the previous models, the Aspire E1 series comes in a smooth Piano black or Clarinet Black, conveying a classy design. The chicklet keyboard provides comfortable typing, while the compact design makes this notebook perfect to be carried wherever you go.

Pricing and Availability*

All products will be available starting from June.  The Aspire E1 Series will be available from 449€. The V5 Series will start at 499€ while the V7 Series will be available from 699€. The Aspire V3 will be available from 799€.

*Price and availability may vary depending from countries.