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Acer winning H series projector family is now available to bring 3D projection in your living room
Bioggio, Switzerland (2013-03-27)

Editor’s Summary:

  • Magnificent 3D entertainment on a big screen, perfect for immersive gaming and movies
  • Easy 2D to 3D conversion to transform any picture, video, movie or game into an awesome 3D entertainment
  • Dual HDMI® connectivity, including MHL™ compliance for wireless mobile devices and other portable devices.

Acer announces the availability of the winning H series projector family, which includes the Acer H9501BD, H7532BD, H6510BD, and H5370BD, a family designed to unlock a world of exciting entertainment. Immersive 3D movies and gaming, cinema quality movie projection, exceptional color performance make the H series is just right for all multimedia scenarios, the perfect choice for film and gaming enthusiasts.

The Acer H projectors add the depth factor to your home entertainment, for a totally immersive experience. All models support the most popular 3D technologies, such as Blu-ray™ 3D, DLP® 3D, and NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™. You just need to connect a Blu-ray Disc™ player, a console or a 3D PC via HDMI 3D, a DLP® 3D kit or NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™ software kit to enjoy enhanced stereoscopic multimedia and literally dive into the action of the movie or game. With Acer H projectors you don’t just watch movie or play games: you live them!

On top of this, the H series can turn any video, picture or game into an awesome 3D entertainment. In fact they are equipped with Acer 2D-to-3D technology that automatically converts into 3D any picture or video signal that passes through the HDMI® port. And it’s easy to use, too! There is no need to install extra software. You just need to go to the on-screen menu, turn the function on and enjoy your childhood photos or videos in 3D splendor. Also your old games will have a second youth thanks to Acer 2D-to-3D technology.

Beside a native HD ready or Full HD resolution, these projectors offer HDMI® connectivity with the unique MHL™ compliance for wireless mobile devices and other portable devices, providing seamless connectivity, while the True 24p feature delivers film-like images for superior visual enjoyment.

Leading technologies designed to redefine image quality ensure that with the Acer H series the entertainment is just amazing, whether you are watching movies or sport events or playing games. Incredibly lifelike images with enhanced contrast and greater brightness: these projectors bring your home theatre experience to an entire new level.

Pricing, Availability and Warranty

The Acer H projector series will be available Europe, Middle East and Africa starting from April.

Price* starting at: H5370BD € 899, H6510BD € 1.099, H7532BD € 1.299, H9501BD € 1.999

*Estimated price. Actual price may vary.