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Discover the Smarter Side of Life With Acer Android AiO Smart Display
BARCELONA (2013-02-25)

Editor’s Summary:

  • First Android-based All-in-One display smarter than any conventional display
  • Information board, full HD(1) Content, Apps, Web, Social Media, tablet enjoyment, extra monitor all at your fingertip
  • Multi-purpose, multi-mode, multi-touch, multi-sync for home or point-of-interaction/information

BARCELONA, (Feb. 25, 2013)Acer today unveiled its first  Android based All-in-One display at Mobile World Congress, the Acer  Smart Display DA220HQL targeted at home users  for a display+ web connected experience or companies looking for solution at their point-of-interaction/information. The new Acer AiO Smart display completely redefines your idea of what a display should do. This display is smart inside and out and lets you enjoy an extraordinary display+ experience with full HD(1) capabilities, rich user interface, tablet-like browsing, while running independently of a PC.

Full HD Wonder
Enjoy a multi-purpose, multi-mode, multi-touch, mult-sync display+ experience at your fingertips on a 21.5” full HD(1) display with optical two-point multi-touch, dual-core 1GHz processor, 8GB(2) of storage capacity, and 1.2MP camera.

Tablet Enjoyment
Even your “Social Media” life is just one click away: Skype, Messenger, Google+, You Tube, Talk, Search, Maps and thousands of apps can be accessed through the Android App Store.  The Acer Ring interface enhances multi-tasking and gives users easy and quick access to any app from any screen.  Widgets provide quick and direct access to content and keep frequently accessed information and the latest updates in the foreground. But this is not all. To enhance the touch and multitasking experience, the Acer Ring offers easy and quick access to any app from any screen, plus captures anything you like, from web images to articles, from maps to your friends smiling faces.

The instant-on feature resumes from sleeping mode in just 1.5 seconds. So, instead of wasting time waiting, you can start exploring and having fun almost immediately. Combining these features with the Google virtual keyboard and XT9 multiple language function, you can have a real tablet experience in a large display format.   The Acer DA220HQL also support AcerCloud, a file sharing and media management solution that lets users easily retrieve, enjoy and share their multimedia and data files using a variety of computing devices. AcerCloud simplifies management of digital assets across mobile devices, regardless of platform, and is free on new Acer products.

Works as Monitor
For additional functionality and productivity, the Acer smart display DA220HQL connectivity options include three USB ports, a microSD card, Ethernet, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth as well as a micro HDMI® for plugging in a notebook or tablet for additional display space.

Contemporary Design
An ultra slim profile and silver color speakers frame the 21.5 full HD(1) panel .  For a better touch experience there is a 20 to 75 degree ergonomic tilting angle, while the 178° viewing angle, lets you view brilliant colors from all angles, and the 100,000,00:1 contrast ration enables viewing in very dim or bright environments.

Pricing and Availability
The Acer DA220HQL will be available mid-March Germany, France, Nordics and UK through selective retail and channel partners with a starting price of €399.- (3).