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Acer Predator G5920 Advanced Graphics for Ultimate Gaming Experience
Bioggio, Switzerland (2012-11-22)

Shaped by the passion for visually intense multimedia and gaming, the new Acer Predator G5920 has an edge handling even the most demanding processing and graphics performance needs for content creation and consumption. Whether you are editing multi-layered high-resolution digital photos, watching HD videos from Internet, or creating and editing your own videos, you’ll appreciate the performance of this Windows 8 desktop.

As media content sources, technologies, acquisition, and playback methods are growing and becoming more diverse, advanced graphic performance is one of the most sought after requirements by all users. Thanks to the ultimate in terms of graphics solutions and processor technology, the Acer Predator G5920 secures stunning HD entertainment and gaming, rich graphics and excellent performance. For a totally immersive entertainment or if you want to transform your gaming experience into an eye-popping stereoscopic experience, just match your Predator with an Acer 3D monitor. The G5920 comes with all the latest technologies designed to let you enjoy a compelling 3D entertainment experience.

The G5920 is also bundled with the AcerCloud, a simple solution that connects all your devices for anytime, anywhere access. Music, photos, videos and documents stored on your PC can be shared with all your devices, even if your PC is in sleep mode, because AcerCloud wakes it up for you. Via AcerCloud you can access your content anytime anywhere.

The Predator G5920 exploits the power of the 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processors to deliver smarter performance and enhanced visual experience. Performance is dynamically adapted to handle even the most demanding tasks such as editing multimedia files, and to take your gaming experience to a whole new level. In addition, CPUs are unlocked and can be overclocked, boosting performance significantly via the Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (IXTU) to speed through tough tasks. With all the essential performance tuning tools and features at their disposal, advanced users will be able to push the system to the limit to win all fast-paced games as well as maximize entertainment and productivity.

The matte black body of the Predator G5920 evokes power and performance, while the angles and the grooves on the front add a high-tech futuristic mood. For better accessibility to the USB and audio ports, the top surface is angled and houses a convenient deck with a convenient groove design that allows different sized cables to fit in between, thus avoiding tangles. In keeping with the overall bold design, the ODD doors have a claw-like mechanism enhancing the combat-machine effect.

The front of the case reveals another remarkable feature, two optional easy-swap hard disc bays to offer flexible expandability when you need it. This means you will always have space for your ever growing multimedia files. When the disk is full all you have to do is replace it with a new one and you can also take it with you to share your entertainment with your friends.