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Acer S1370Whn projector: Short-throw versatility
Bioggio, Switzerland (2012-11-12)

Acer enriches its range of projectors designed to meet the needs of education and bring into the classroom new ways of teaching and learning, with the S1370Whn model. This projector integrates all the features that are important for schools, such as short throw projection and LAN control, and it’s compliant with the Crestron Network Control that enables complete management of the projector via LAN.

With short throw capability this projector can display large images even when it’s placed very close to the screen. Even at a throw distance of just 98 cm, this projector can display sharp and accurate images with a diagonal of 221 cm (87”). Thanks to this feature presenters can avoid projector beams in the eyes and at the same time they don’t cast shadows on the screen during their presentations. As a result the S1370Whn offers greater flexibility and maximum viewing comfort, making it the perfect choice for great projection in the classroom.

What’s more, the Acer S1370Whn can turn any lesson into an incredible 3D experience. The three-dimensional experience is made possible by DLP 3D Ready technology that can transform the flat surface of the room wall into a 3D screen. This solution unlocks endless possibilities for engaging learning, from exploring the universe to human anatomy, from discovering geometry to touring famous archaeological sites just like being there...

Two sets of D-Sub and Audio connectors allow users to connect the projector to two PC, for more flexible connectivity and instant switching. Besides offering more connectivity options, the HDMI® port provides seamless connection to the latest digital sources ensuring exceptional high-definition viewing.

The advanced lamp technology with illumination of 2500 ANSI lumens, a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and native WXGA resolution help bringing a new level of brightness, colour and clarity to the images. Top-class technologies, designed to enhance colour accuracy and sharpness, make sure the quality of images is unrivalled. Thanks to Acer ColorBoost II+, the S1370Whn reproduces images with more natural and balanced shades, while it achieves a wider colour gamut via Acer SpectraBoost, a color-wheel coating technology that boosts colour saturation. ColorSafe II ensures colour fidelity even after prolonged use.

With ExtemeEco technology the S1370Whn enables up to 70% power saving when there is no input signal for a while, helping to extend the lifespan of the lamp up to 7000 hours thus saving on lamp replacement costs and ensuring long-term, dependable projector use.

There is no need to worry about accidentally turning off the projector or wait for a cooling period before resuming the projection. The Instant resume feature allows users to turn the projector on right after it has been switched off. If the projector needs to be moved in a hurry after being used, thanks to the Instant pack feature, the power cord can be unplugged immediately without causing any damage. This feature can be very useful in case a projector needs to be moved from a classroom to the other shortly after using it.