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New, More Intuitive Provides an Excellent User Experience - Touch-optimized design helps visitors explore and discover Acer products
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2012-11-06)

Acer has revitalized its global website — — to provide web surfers with a highly intuitive, touch-optimized interface, along with a look that embodies the brand spirit. The website allows easy navigation and many user-friendly features that demonstrate Acer’s leadership in the digital world. It is also a key step to achieving the corporate goal of becoming a true market-oriented company. Acer collaborated with VML, the renowned digital marketing agency that is part of the Y&R Group in this website revamp.

The new invites visitors to live the Acer brand values of “Curious, Progressive and Human” with its range of customer-centric product offerings, and simple usability that is optimized for touch devices, encouraging visitors to explore and discover more about Acer’s products.

“Acer is the brand of exploration and our website is an expression of our products, our services, our company as a whole,” said Michael Birkin, chief marketing officer at Acer. “The thoughtful features dedicated to creating a rewarding experience for all visitors also let us collect feedback to better understand the market needs. By improving the user experience the new website will enhance our business and brand value.”

Responsive, adaptive and intuitive design
The new detects the screen size of the device connected — be it a desktop computer, notebook, tablet or smartphone — and automatically adapts to the best resolution for optimum viewing. This responsive-design technology will help people view and explore Acer’s website in the most comfortable way, no matter what type of device they use. Furthermore, the placement of buttons, icons or text are designed to lead a fingers-oriented interaction, and supported by an intuitive iconic language that substitutes many traditional textual links throughout the website, and optimized for the natural touch gesture.

Customer-centric and friendly features
Another distinctively customer-centric feature is called “Help me choose", which makes it easy for visitors to read reviews from customers, pick the best product for their needs, and find the nearest store at which to purchase the product. This feature will help visitors identify their key computing needs — be they email and surfing, long battery life, entertainment, or light and slim form — and narrow down their product selection. Computer experts and novices alike will be able to find the products they want in a simple and straightforward fashion.

Yet another thoughtful feature is for retail store visitors: They can scan the QR code for select Acer products with their smart devices, and be directed to for a short video introduction, then connect to the web to learn more. This simple and fun gesture will help potential customers quickly understand and find the products most suitable for them.

Across’s global sites, visitors will find a consistent look and user experience on all pages. The coherence of visual identity and navigation together enhance the overall brand experience.

Social media built in
Ever-growing and popular social media,1 such as Facebook and YouTube, have been integrated into Site visitors can see the latest post on the Acer Facebook pages, click on it and start engaging with the Acer community. Visitors can also share the links and a short introduction of their preferred products on their own profiles on major social media outlets.

In cooperation with Reevoo, the leading cloud-based social commerce solutions provider, customer reviews of Acer products and services are posted on in local languages. In addition, there is a section to post questions to genuine customers about products, in the relevant language. This interactive section allows Acer to hear the views of users or potential customers, offering precious insight into the market that can help guide business strategy.

Phase one complete
The current version of is the first phase of the revitalization, and a part of Acer’s drive to provide the leading ICT experience in the converging world of IT and CT devices. Ongoing monitoring and adjustments will be made to ensure an always-pleasant web experience.

1 Choice of social media may differ by country.