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Aspire U Series All-in-One Redefines the PC Touch Interface
LONDON, UK and TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2012-10-30)

Acer designs products that enable users to explore beyond their limits, and this boldness has been applied to the Acer Aspire U Series all-in-one (AIO), a design and technology gem that combines leading-edge ergonomics while radiating with ageless elegance. Sporting an extremely thin 35 mm profile, it adds modern, minimalist style wherever it is placed. Ergonomically designed, the Aspire U tilts from 30 to 80 degrees for the most comfortable touch experience. It also packs advanced features to deliver premium visuals, sound and performance.

"Floating" Design

The Aspire U Series comes in two sizes: the 23-inch Aspire 5600U and 27-inch Aspire 7600U. Each boasts an ultra-slim 35 mm profile and Full HD 1920 x 1080 LED backlit, mercury-free display. The screen features durable edge-to-edge glass and a transparent base, visually suspending the PC and giving it the illusion of floating on air. These models ship with a keyboard and wireless mouse that also feature transparent and glossy black materials, for an attractive match.

Tilt for Ergonomic Touch

For the best touch and viewing experiences, the Aspire U Series screen tilts from 30 to 80 degrees with an easy press of the fingertips. The smooth tilt action is made possible by an exclusive sliding spring-hinge design. The 30-degree tilt effectively transforms the AIO into a large desktop-entertainment tablet, great for gaming with one or more players or for viewing photos with friends. The 80-degree tilt creates the best angle for enjoying Full HD movies.

Advanced Touch Technology

Redefining the human-PC interaction, the Aspire U Series supports 10-point multi touch for the enjoyment of multiple users at the same time. Plus, the Full HD webcam supports hand-gesture recognition, offering a brand-new, ultra-intuitive way to play with and control the PC — perfect for the curious and active mind.

Powerful Entertainment Hub

Top-quality visual and audio components make the Aspire U Series an elegant entertainment hub. The high-brightness, Full HD displays are paired with Acer CineBoost Color Engine technology for optimal color, in addition to powerful graphics solutions for enjoying movies, games and pictures with super-sharp imagery. Virtual surround sound and fine-tuned speakers add immersive audio to the superb visual experience.

A Blu-ray Disc™ optical drive, TV-tuner and multi-in-one card reader complete the spectacular entertainment experience, bringing together all aspects of digital life, from movies to games to pictures to TV.

The specially made VESA mount kit allows even more space savings, and enjoyment of HD TV on the wall for a cinema-like encounter at home. To take full advantage of digital entertainment, the Aspire U also features HDMI®-in and out.

Wide Viewing Angle and Advanced Technologies

The Aspire 7600U sports a wide viewing angle display, so images and colors are portrayed accurately from all angles. In addition, this model is equipped with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that permits easy bill payment and instant wireless settings simply by bringing mobile devices — such as tablets or smartphones — close to the screen.

The Aspire U Series delivers cutting-edge performance via 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, high-performance graphics solutions, and an optional SSD disk for fast booting. With these great features, users can enjoy smooth multitasking, enhanced productivity, and incredible entertainment. It is progressive in all of its features.

The Aspire U Series bundles AcerCloud, a convenient solution that connects all personal digital devices for anytime, anywhere access. Music, photos, videos and documents stored on the main PC can be shared among other devices, even if the PC is in sleep mode.

Price and Availability

The Aspire U Series began shipping from October 26th. To find out about availability, product specifications, and prices in specific markets, please contact your nearest Acer office or retailer via