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Acer Commits to Delivering Industry’s Most Complete User Experience in the Era of Touch and Type Duality
LONDON, UK and TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2012-10-30)

LONDON, UK and TAIPEI, TAIWAN (October 30, 2012) –

As the IT ecosystem continues to change, companies today can no longer depend solely on operational efficiency, speed and cost to ensure business success. The future is about providing a complete user experience — in product design, breadth and depth of offering, service, and brand.

We have entered a new era of touch and type “Duality” in which users need intuitive devices which operate like second nature, enabling touch for browsing quickly and type to assure productivity. The most important aspect of the integration of touch and type is that it puts consumers more naturally at the center of product design. Acer is a leader in touch and type, the only OEM that offers the touch feature across all consumer categories of products, presenting a range of Windows 8 devices of unparalleled breadth and depth.

With that in mind, to unlock the next level of growth and leadership, Acer is presenting a vision of what’s most important about technology to consumers and to the company, and making products that reflect that vision. Staying true to its long-term mission of “Breaking Barriers between People and Technology” Acer’s goal in product design is to empower “Modern Day Exploration” — the idea that technology is meaningful to people for the new experiences it presents in their lives; to be curious; to be progressive; and to create the potential to achieve even more.

The Industry’s Broadest, Deepest Range of Touch Devices
Acer today presents the industry’s finest and most comprehensive offering of touch devices in forms and sizes to optimize the user experience, from tablet to Ultrabooks™ to the all-in-one desktop and touch monitor, for everyone to find something that best fits his/her needs:

Aspire S7                                            Thinnest + Lightest Touch Ultrabook™
Iconia W5 Tablet PC        Convertible Tablet PC    
Iconia W7 Tablet PC        Industry’s Most Powerful, Only Intel Core Tablet
Aspire M Series                 Mainstream Touch Ultrabook™
Aspire V Series                  Mainstream Touch Notebook
Aspire U Series AIO                          Beautifully Designed Touch All-in-ones
T2 Series Display                             Touch Monitor / Desktop

Here are the design highlights of the latest touch devices:
The Aspire S7 Series Ultrabook™ uses premium material and construction methods to deliver unparalleled elegance, durability, and usability. All models of the S7 Series feature a green unibody design made from a single block of aluminum to produce an ultra-thin yet super-tough chassis. An electroluminescent (EL) backlit keyboard offers a gentler and more comfortable glow than LED backlit keyboards, automatically activating and adjusting its brightness based on ambient lighting. A thermal design, Acer TwinAir cooling (patent pending), extends battery life and keeps the Aspire S7’s keyboard and base cool and comfortable to use.
One of the most striking design elements of the Aspire S7 is the Full HD touchscreen surrounded by a glossy white scratch-resistant Gorilla® Glass 2 structure on the 13.3-inch model. The Gorilla Glass structure enables a mere 11.9 mm thickness with the strength to handle the impact of daily use. The touch-enabled screen can be laid back flat 180 degrees, and the image orientation reverses for easy touch-and-show sharing.
The 13.3-inch model also features a dual torque hinge on the lid to create the ideal amount of resistance for touch control. When the lid is pushed between 100 and 120 degrees, the torque increases 1.6 times to keep it stable for touch control. This sturdiness is achieved by attaching the hinge structure directly to the forged display frame.
The ICONIA W5 Series tabletoffers three ways to work: “touch, type and view.” As a 10.1-inch pad, this tablet lets users stay productive and mobile with touch convenience and a light 580g design. When typing is preferred, the tablet can be connected to the keyboard dock which offers full travel keys and a second battery which takes battery life from 9 to as much as 18 hours. The display can twist to 295 degrees for presentation display.

The 11.6-inch ICONIA W7 Series tablet and cradle combo is the only Intel® Core™ tablet on the market, putting incredible power, true full HD, and instant productivity at consumers’ fingertips. The cradle sits in portrait or landscape modes and tilts at different angles for easy browsing, sharing and touch control: landscape at 20 degrees for comfortable touch control; or landscape at 70 degrees for notebook-style viewing and keyboard productivity. The cradle also features a second battery for longer life.

The Aspire M5 and M3 Ultrabooks™bring a rich touch experience to the mainstream consumer, offering 10-point touch, frameless HD display, Intel Core processing power, and 8+ hours battery life in a slim 23mm package.

The Aspire V5 Notebook builds further on Acer’s mainstream touch offering, with 10-point touch, a larger trackpad designed to enhance multi-gesture content consumption to take advantage of the features offered by Windows 8, and a 30% slimmer 2-spindle design.

The Aspire U Series All-in-One tilts from 30 to 80 degrees for simple 10-point touch control and the most comfortable wide-angle view in Full HD. The 35 mm thin Aspire U Series delivers the power of a multimedia PC with the comfort and convenience of a tablet-like touch experience. Built in a slim, space-saving design, the elegant edge-to-edge glass display ensures these features are delivered with unmatched visual impact.

End-to-end Marketing Culture
To deliver this impressive product lineup and features tuned precisely to user needs, Acer is fostering an end-to-end marketing culture within the company, and placing greater emphasis on marketing in the various stages of product development. Working with the world’s leading strategic and creative agencies, Acer has built a strong emotional platform for this offering with a fully-fledged brand positioning, and through its marketing efforts, is telling more engaging, emotional and human stories to bring it to life.

In London today, Acer premiered the new Aspire S7 Ultrabook™ TV commercial, which tells the story of how the movie actress, Megan Fox, fulfills her secret desire to explore the world of marine biology and to interact and communicate with dolphins. With the help of the Aspire S7, Fox realizes this passion, illustrating how Acer can bring the vision of “explore beyond limits” to life for its consumers.

Enabling Customers to Explore Beyond Limits
“Explore beyond limits” is a reflection of Acer’s approach to product design and new market-oriented mindset. The desire to create easy, intuitive, user-oriented products will be engrained in our design DNA, as will thinking from the customers’ perspective become central to the daily functions of all employees. In this way, Acer will enable people to explore beyond limits and express the best of human nature.