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AcerCloud debuts in Europe
Berlin, Germany (2012-08-31)

A cloud hovers above Europe. No worries! AcerCloud is the ultimate solution that enables users to connect all their digital devices wirelessly and automatically at anytime and anywhere. Starting from August 31, AcerCloud Beta will be initially available in France, Germany, Italy, and UK, and users will find it preloaded on their new Acer notebooks and desktops.
If you have an Android device you can already download AcerCloud from Google Play store.
AcerCloud means users no longer need to use cables to sync all their photos amongst their devices like smartphones, tablets, and PCs or send themselves emails with heavy attachments to PowerPoint files on their tablet or smartphone. They won’t miss the most recent and favorite music while they are away from their PC. And they can forget forever all worries about not having sufficient storage capacity.

AcerCloud brings instant pics streaming
AcerCloud PicStream enables users to push their photos to all of their devices anytime and anywhere.
Through AcerCloud PicStream, users can take pictures with their smartphones and view them on their PCs or tablets instantly. These pictures will be synced via AcerCloud and remain available for 30 days from the day pictures were taken. Most importantly, there are no limits in storage capacity. In addition, users can manage their pictures on their PC and view them on their smartphones and tablets.

AcerCloud brings effortless portability
AcerCloud enables users to push Microsoft Office documents to their smartphone and tablet anytime and anywhere.
The most convenient application for office workers is AcerCloud Docs. AcerCloud Docs lets users access the most updated files in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. A document edited and saved on the PC will be available for download to the smartphone and tablet. These files will be synced via AcerCloud and remain available for 30 days from the day files were last modified. Most importantly, there are no limits for storage capacity.

AcerCloud brings up-to-date multimedia enjoyment
AcerCloud enables users to listen to all their music, and watch their videos anytime and anywhere.
All the music and videos are available from AcerCloud. They can be downloaded to the smartphone and tablet anytime and anywhere from the PC.

AcerCloud brings maximum storage capacity.
AcerCloud enables users to enjoy their digital life more freely.
By accessing free hard drive space via the PC, users have full control of cloud storage needs and the space is absolutely free of charge.
Experience AcerCloud beta now!
AcerCloud brings “always on” wireless connectivity, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
AcerCloud will be available across the entire range of Acer products, starting from 16 series of Notebooks and Netbooks and 25 Desktops series.