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Acer T2 series touch monitors - Smart viewing and sophisticated design

Slender and elegant, the new Acer T2 touch displays are a masterpiece of design and technology, that will set new standards in terms of ergonomics and smart viewing. The T2 series is engineered to deliver top performance as well as a sophisticated design and will appeal to graphic artists, professionals and design-conscious users alike.
The T2 series displays are supported by a stylish asymmetric stand that gives the monitors a futuristic look and allows users to adjust the angle up to a 60-degree tilt, for touch control from above, enhancing comfort and ergonomics, especially during sustained use. With 10-point multi-touch technology the T2 monitors support multi-user scenarios and make for an ideal touch experience. In addition, the T2 LED monitors are Windows 8 certified.
The edge-to-edge glass screen creates a floating design and new generation IPS/VA LED panels that deliver a wide viewing angle, meaning users can view the monitors from different positions and still see clear images, rich details and higher color accuracy, allowing for better team work session or gaming with friends. For greater convenience and space saving these displays are also wall-mountable.
The Acer T2 series come in two sizes -23 and 27 inch - with Full HD 1920x1080 resolution enabling jaw-dropping cinematic views of the latest high definition content, making them ideal for advanced Full HD gaming, multimedia and productivity applications. What’s more, these touch-screens playback moving images thanks to a rapid 5ms response time, while a 100 million:1 contrast renders amazing pictures by enhancing detail and gradation in bright or dim scenes.
Digital input maximizes the connection quality between LED monitors and other digital sources including PC graphics cards. The Acer T2 displays are equipped with both DVI and HDMI ports to provide advanced digital connectivity and enable outstanding high-definition viewing and quality audio. USB 3.0 ports ensure fast data transfer to and from external devices and can be used to charge your devices.
The Acer T2 display integrates white LED technology, which offers several benefits. It eliminates hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases; can reduce power consumption by up to 68%; ensures exceptional reliability and delivers better performance. In fact, it reproduces of a larger colour range with better saturation.