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Käytämme evästeitä parantaaksemme sivuston käyttäjäystävällisyyttä. Sivustomme saattavat sisältää evästeitä myös kolmansilta osapuolilta. Klikkaamalla tästä saat tietoa evästeistämme ja miten voit muuttaa asetuksiasi. Sulkemalla tämän ikkunan tai jatkaessasi sivuston käyttöä hyväksyt samalla evästeiden käytön.

Acer K330 video projector - Small in size, big in performance
Berlin, Germany (2012-08-31)

Stylish and smaller than a magazine, the Acer K330 is a compact video projector that provides the latest projection technologies and brings high-impact performance wherever you go. Whether at work or at home this projector enables users to enjoy and share the wealth of digital content at their disposal, or to capture the attention of colleagues and business contacts with enticing presentations.
Perfect for mobile users looking for an easy-to-carry and compact device, the Acer K330 weighs just 1.2 kg and measures 218x168x46.5 mm. It ensures also a remarkable performance: high brightness combined with an elevated contrast ratio brings crisp, vibrant images and high impact projection performance. The native 1280x800 WXGA resolution, supporting up to full HD resolution, renders ultra-sharp images and great looking presentations and permits the reproduction of high definition content.
Besides great portability, the K330 features one HDMI port for easy connection to computers, DVDs or game consoles. It is also equipped with 2 GB internal memory, a SD card reader, a USB and a USB Mini B port; plus multimedia features allow to project media directly from the internal memory, the SD card or USB devices. Without the added burden of a laptop, user can watch and share a variety of multimedia contents, including photos, audios, videos as well as PDF and office files.
The K330 even provides the flexibility and convenience of wireless projection from a PC or mobile device, such as tablets or smartphones simply by plugging a USB wireless dongle into the projector. What’s more this projector lets users to enjoy the thrill of big screen entertainment on many levels. For a totally immersive three-dimensional experience the projector is DLP 3D ready, thus enabling users to watch any 3D content by wearing DLP 3D glasses.

The Acer K330 projector combines DLP technology with LED lamp technology, dramatically enhancing picture quality. LED technology offers several benefits over traditional lamps. First of all, it makes lamp replacement virtually unnecessary as a LED lamp lasts up to 20,000 hours; moreover, the lack of breakable parts, such as filaments or tubes increases durability. Finally, LED lamp technology is free of hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases and compared to a traditional lamp can reduce power consumption.
Portable, versatile, big in performance: the K330 is just perfect for both home entertainment and business needs.