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Acer ICONIA W510 - The new era of mobility
Berlin, Germany (2012-08-31)

Mobility means more than the freedom of using a device anywhere; it’s also the freedom of using a device in more ways, according to our needs and moods. Developing the new ICONIA W510, Acer created a device designed for Windows 8 that offers excellent flexibility, allowing users to enjoy and share content, as well as be productive.
Calling the Acer ICONIA W510 a tablet would be reductive. While the high-resolution 10.1 display provides excellent entertainment, the innovative detachable keyboard is perfect for productivity and the touch optimized screen ensures better data consumption.
This tablet is the perfect device for users who want to enjoy a flawless touch experience, but want a device that is more flexible and can be used for productivity. The slim, easy to dock keyboard, not only offers a comfortable typing experience, but it extends the battery life up to 18 hours and allows users to rotate the tablet 295 degrees so that it can be used in presentation mode, great for watching a video or viewing a presentation.
Both tablet and keyboard are ultra slim and light, making them easy to carry around as well as comfortable to use. The 10.1-inch touchscreen, providing a wider viewing angle with more vibrant, consistent and accurate colors, is perfect for enjoying multimedia in tablet mode or for sharing videos and movies with friends when docked to the keyboard.
Thanks to this simple solution, this tablet provides optimal ergonomics and ease of use both on the go and at your desk. More connectivity options enhance the user experience, from the micro-HDMI port that allows immediate connectivity to an external monitor, to the micro-SD port to extend memory up to 32 GB.

In addition, thanks to the Always On, Always Connect technology, you can count on the Acer ICONIA W510 to keep you updated on what’s going in your social networks, and have the latest news at your fingertips, check your mails or watch a movie on the fly, review a presentation or enjoy  games. This is the beauty of having a multi-touch screen tablet that offers seamless conversion between slate, keyboard and hands-free ergo-touch.
To ensure the integrity of the device, the ICONIA W510 embeds the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which allows security-enhanced generation of cryptographic keys and minimizes the risk data are compromised by physical theft or external hacker attack.
Thanks to TPM, the hardware is less vulnerable to software-based attacks, while authentication processes are conducted through a security-enhanced subsystem.