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Acer H6510BD projector - Awesome Full HD home entertainment
Berlin, Germany (2012-08-31)

To enjoy unforgettable entertainment, image quality is extremely important. This is why the new Acer H6510BD projector packs a number of technologies designed to produce a stunning visual experience and incredibly lifelike images with enhanced contrast and greater brightness.
The Acer H6510BD projector brings the magic of cinema and 3D projection to your living room as it supports popular 3D technologies, such as Blu-ray™ 3D, DLP® 3D, and NVIDIA® 3DTV Play™. You just need to connect a Blu-ray Disc™ player, a console or a PC to enjoy enhanced stereoscopic multimedia and literally be thrown into the action of the movie or the game for a totally immersive experience.
On top of this, the H6510BD can turn any video, picture or game into an awesome 3D entertainment, thanks to Acer 2D-to-3D technology that automatically converts into 3D any 2D picture or video signal that passes through the HDMI® port. No extra software is required: you just need to go to the on-screen menu and turn the function on.
The H6510BD has native Full HD 1080p resolution that delivers sharp, high-quality imagery for a true cinematic experience with every detail preserved with true-to master precision. In addition, it is also equipped with True 24p feature. This means the projector can display a 1080p resolution image in 24 frames per second, for the same grand visual enjoyment as watching a movie in the theatre.
Better black levels are the key to enhance the home theatre experience, and the H6510BD projector features DynamicBlack™ technology that dynamically fine-tunes each scene to optimal black levels while maintaining the original brightness of images, achieving a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and vibrant colors for a true cinematic adventure.

Top-class technologies, designed to enhance colour accuracy and sharpness, make sure the quality of images is unrivalled. The H6510BD reproduces images with more natural and balanced shades, achieving truly lifelike tones, thanks to Acer ColorBoost II+; ensures colour fidelity even after prolonged use thanks to ColorSafe II, and achieves a wider colour gamut via Acer SpectraBoost, a color-wheel coating technology that boosts color saturation.
A host of convenient settings and advanced features improve usability and presentation flexibility, making this projector the perfect for home theatre use. With Smart Detection the projector detects input signals as soon as a source is connected, while thanks to Acer SmartFormat technology it supports almost all wide-format PC signals. Support for multiple PC input offers flexible connectivity and instant switching.
Moreover, this projector is environment friendly. ExtremeEco technology enables power savings of up to 70% and extends lamp life to up to 7000 hours, while EcoProjection reduces standby power consumption by up to 90%.