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Acer Aspire XC desktop series - Smart design and richer HD experience
Berlin, Germany (2012-08-31)

Pushing the boundaries to offer users a better experience, the new Acer Aspire XC desktop series is capable of handling any home computing and entertainment needs. Great at multitasking, even with the most advanced applications, and offering a richer HD experience, these desktops feature advanced technology and are powerful performers in a cool design and small form factor taking up just a third of the space of standard PCs.
Perfect for home computing and entertainment the Aspire XC series is sleek and stylish, space saving and ergonomic. The metallic finish of the front gives these machines a modern look, while the use of multiple finishes (glossy black/chrome silver/ brush silver) creates visual richness. A push on the Eject button flips opens the ODD door, revealing a SuperMulti DVD. As the Aspire XC series is designed to be placed on the desk, USB ports and card reader are grouped and located in the lower front side for easier access.
The Aspire XC-600 runs on 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors, while the XC-100 is powered by AMD dual-core processors. Both support discrete graphic solutions and provide fabulous HD entertainment with superb visual quality as well as smart performance for either work or entertainment. And, if you want to enjoy your favorite movies on the big screen, there is an HDMI™ port to provide convenient connection to your home TV.
To top it off, these desktops come with AcerCloud, your personal cloud. Not only it shares your music, photos, videos and documents on your PC with all your devices, it also let you access your content anytime, anywhere. If your PC is in sleep mode, no worries, AcerCloud wakes it up for you.
The Aspire XC series is ideal for multimedia home-users and entertainment enthusiasts looking for a feature-rich system that satisfies their entertainment and computing needs.