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Acer Aspire 7600U - Essential elegance and outstanding performance
Berlin, Germany (2012-08-31)

The Acer Aspire 7600U is a jewel of design and technology, radiating that kind of ageless elegance that comes from eliminating all excess to bring out pure form. The result is a striking AIO with an extremely thin profile that will add a touch of modern, minimalist style everywhere you place it; all the same, it packs advanced features to deliver a premium performance.
The 27-inch Aspire 7600U has an ultra-slim 35 mm profile and a gorgeous Full HD edge-to-edge screen. The slender, asymmetric back-stand houses the power cord while the front surface, made of glass and transparent resin, creates a dramatic effect of a floating screen. For best viewing or touch experience the tilt angle can be set from 30° to 80° with just one hand thanks to the exclusive spring hinge material and design. The Aspire 7600U is also available with a swivel stand that tilts to an angle of zero degrees to enjoy multi-user touch with friends; it can also be swiveled to vertical viewing and used as a big e-book reader display.
The striking Aspire 7600U supports up to 64-point simultaneous touch from all angles for models with the swivel stand and 10 points multi-touch for model with the L stand, enabling use by multiple users at once and leading to new ways of interacting with a computer. This is taken a step further by the Full HD webcam that supports hand gesture recognition to play, control, or select, offering a brand new, easy and intuitive way of interacting with a PC.
With top-quality visual and audio components, this desktop can make the most of your entertainment. The Acer Aspire 7600U flaunts a 61 cm (27”) high-brightness display with Full HD 1.920 x 1.080 resolution, Acer CineBoost to optimize color performance and powerful graphics solutions to let you enjoy movies, games, and pictures with ultra-sharp and colorful imagery. Captivating and immersive audio is brought about by virtual surround sound and fine-tuned speakers.
The Blu-ray Disc™ optical drive , multi-in-one card reader and TV-tuner  complete the spectacular entertainment experience, bringing together all aspects of your digital life, from movies to games, from TV to pictures. The unique VESA mount kit allows enjoying HDTV on the wall, for a cinema-like vision at home. To take full advantage of digital entertainment the Acer Aspire 7600U also features both HDMI- in and out.
To enhance user experience, the Aspire 7600U offers the innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) technology:  it allows easy payments and instant wireless settings, simply by bringing your mobile devices (tablet or smartphones) close to the screen frame.
While design was stripped to the essential, performance is cutting edge, thanks to advanced technologies engineered to convey an enhanced computing experience. Intended to come to market with Windows 8, the 3rd generation Intel® iCore™ processor family, high performance graphic solutions and optional SSD disk for fast booting, this AIO desktop enables smoother multitasking, enhances productivity and provides incredible HD entertainment.
The Aspire 7600U is also bundled with the AcerCloud, a simple solution that connects all your devices for anytime, anywhere access. Music, photos, videos and documents stored on your PC can be shared with all your devices, even if your PC is in sleep mode, because AcerCloud wakes it up for you. Via AcerCloud you can access your content anytime anywhere.