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Acer EMEA launches a new advertising campaign, featuring Kiefer Sutherland, to introduce its new brand tag line and the Aspire S5 UltrabookTM
Bioggio (2012-08-22)

Acer EMEA launches the “Explore Your Hidden Passions” advertising campaign, providing a powerful platform from which to introduce the new Acer brand tagline “explore beyond limits” and to support the sales of Acer mobile computers. Featuring the latest Aspire S5 Ultrabook™, this campaign is one of Acer’s largest marketing investments in terms of creative development and media coverage.

The campaign launches Acer’s new brand tagline “explore beyond limits” and ushers in a new chapter in the story of the brand. The digital revolution has fed people’s desire to learn, collaborate, create and push boundaries, whilst technology has opened up new worlds to discover and the ability to explore them as never before. A new global consumer has emerged, one that values exploration. Acer calls these people Modern Day Explorers, and concentrates its efforts to provide them with the tools they need to explore their inner potential - to explore beyond their limits. Within Acer, the value of exploration is fundamental, whether it is expressed through new products, new approaches to doing business or new ways of communicating.

Walter Deppeler, Acer Chief Marketing Officer says, “The campaign aims to challenge what people think of the Acer brand and invites them to reappraise both what the brand stands for and what our products can do for the customer. At Acer our passion for technology is rooted in enabling people to explore and create. We see it as our responsibility to help people push beyond their limits, to spark curiosity and ignite discovery with the products we make. ”

The thin, fast and powerful Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook plays a central role in the campaign, enabling Kiefer Sutherland to explore beyond his limits. Kiefer Sutherland, who most of us know best as Jack Bauer in the cult TV series ’24, uses his Aspire S5 to explore his hidden passion for making cupcakes. But Bauer being Bauer, he hasn’t gone all soft and donned a frilly apron and got out the icing bag – he’s reached for power drills and flame throwers to make his cakes. Along the way he uses different features of his Aspire S5 Ultrabook™ to record, create and master his perfect cupcake design.

The advert was shot in downtown Los Angeles by a multi-award winning director, Ivan Zacharias, who ensured it delivered action, laughs and an authentic movie feel.

The “Explore Your Hidden Passions” campaign will form a key part of Acer EMEA marketing strategy in the second half of 2012, supporting brand development and sales for all Acer products in the busiest periods of the year. The campaign will run online across all of EMEA and on TV, Cinema, Print, Out of Home and Social Networks in the key markets of France, Germany, Russia and the United Kingdom.

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