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Acer’s new Veriton M professional desktop series - Improved network management and security
Bioggio (2012-08-09)

The new Veriton desktop PC range represent an effective application of Acer’s deep awareness of evolving market requirements and of its broad technological expertise to provide desktop solutions that brings superior efficiency and enhanced manageability to the modern business environment.

Designed focusing on business needs, the new Veriton M series combine eco-friendliness with the right amount of computing power to run all daily office tasks smoothly.

The Acer Veriton M desktops come in different configurations: the M6 model is optimized for enterprises, while the M4 model is the best choice for SMBs. Running on latest generation Intel® Core™ processors, the Veriton M desktops deliver solid performance and excellent manageability, to meet business demands for productivity and reliability while reducing TCO.

The new Veriton PCs come pre-loaded with a series of smart utilities designed to enhance manageability and security: Veriton ControlCenter, Acer ProShield Security, and Acer Client Manager.

The Veriton ControlCenter offers a one-stop access to crucial functions and handy tools to help users save time and energy and simplify routine tasks. The Acer ProShield Security is a single-client console application that integrates fundamental security and management features in a unified user interface, securing both the desktop and the data it contains. Plus, the new Vertion M models are equipped with an easy to use TPM-based data encryption solution that protects system files, passwords and other sensitive information for ultimate document security and corporate privacy.

The Acer Client Manger allows easy and remote management of common IT tasks, such as hardware/software inventory management, health monitoring and alerting, task scheduler, group management and more. Veriton M PCs have also been equipped with convenient ways to protect and recover your information: Acer Backup Manager keeps important data safe from accidents or crashes, while Acer eRecovery Management offers recovery on-demand.

Together with performance, quality and reliability are top priorities in the choice of professional desktop PCs. This is why Veriton PCs have a 100% Solid Capacitor Design, that provides the stability, reliability and longevity essential to meet the power needs of high-end processors and other components running today's most demanding applications.