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Acer unveils the Interactive Pavilion in the Olympic Park
London (2012-07-27)

Nothing compares to the excitement, the emotion and the spirit of excellence of the Olympic Games, a sporting event so powerful it’s capable of bringing the entire world to a complete standstill.

Acer is ready to lead visitors, athletes and journalists through an exciting journey that goes beyond the adrenalin-powered competitions of the London 2012 Olympic Games to enter a world where technology and innovation create a unique experience.

Be sure to drop by the Acer Pavilion during the London 2012 Olympic Games to discover Acer’s latest technology and challenge your friends or explore a world of content.
Located within the Olympic Park, the Pavilion is a 1200 sq meter building with two floors dedicated to visitors, offering interactive areas and displaying Acer’s latest technology and products. The third floor, dedicated to Acer’s guests, offers a panoramic view of the park.

The Acer Pavilion has been designed to showcase excellence in sporting achievements and technological innovation, leading visitors on a journey through the outstanding accomplishments that challenge the limits of human capabilities. When entering the Pavilion visitors will receive a smart card that will enhance their journey in the pavilion allowing them to track their experience and collect points and interact with their personal avatar.

In the “Fast, Faster, Fastest” Challenge, players can dare their friends in a race against time using tablets placed around a raised floor that displays a projected track. The experience is triggered by the visitor’s smart card. As the user inserts the card, their avatar appears on the track. Players must move their avatar as fast as they can while jumping over obstacles. The tablet ICONIA A510 acts as the control device for the experience.

Another striking feature of the Pavilion is the Journey Sphere, a huge globe ‘alive’ with moving atoms and streaming data. Visitors can navigate through the content thanks to tablets placed around the sphere and acting as a touchpad. On activation, a bright glow and a title tag will appear and the user will be invited to explore content such as challenges and videos.

The visitor’s journey can continue on all computers displayed: from the ultrabooks to the professional all-in-one desktops. Acer also teamed up with ISM to offer a unique gaming experience around the official video game of the London 2012 Olympic Games that visitors will be able to experience on Acer Predator G7 the ultimate gaming computer.

There are other features to discover. So come visit us in the Olympic Park.