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Acer Veriton L series: rock-solid performance in a space saving design - Even more versatile and efficient with its Ergo-Stand support
Manno (2012-07-17)

The ground-breaking Veriton L series of desktop PCs represents a stunningly effective application of Acer’s deep awareness of evolving market requirements and its broad technological expertise. The result is a desktop solution that does away with redundant components and peripherals to drive down initial asset investment and bring superior efficiency, enhanced manageability and even greater value for money to the modern business environment.

Compact in dimensions, the Veriton L series is designed to improve manageability, reliability and security in a space saving form factor of just 3 litres (physical volume). Paired with its complimentary Ergo-Stand, the Veriton L literally gives your business more room to expand.

In fact, Acer Ergo-Stand can be united with any of Acer’s 3 litres PCs with a range of different sized Acer monitors to create a streamlined, all-in-one desktop system, providing a tidy, efficiency-enhancing workspace. Acer’s Ergo-Stand maximises the space and neatness of your desk. It complements the minimalist design of Acer Veriton L series desktop PCs, while protecting them from dust and scratches. Versatile enough to accommodate up to 5kg (24” widescreen) monitors, the Ergo-Stand frees up space on your desk and avoids cable entanglement for a well organised workspace.

While creating a tidy and efficient working area, the Ergo-Stand enhances the ergonomics of your work station. With the Ergo-Stand you can fine tune your monitor’s position: height, tilt, rotation and viewing angles, to get the best viewing experience. The display can be tilted 45° to the right or left, and 0° to 90° vertically. The Acer Ergo-Stand’s sleek design and smooth fit gives you optimal usability, viewing angle, and comfort so you can work with utmost effectiveness.

The Acer Veriton L series comes in two models: Veriton L6 and Veriton L4, both designed to offer rock-solid performance, powerful manageability and, security with a minimum of excess.

Maximum productivity is guaranteed by a latest 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor, Intel® HD graphics, up to ten USB ports (6x USB 2.0 and 4x USB 3.0) for quicker and easier data access and three digital video outputs that allows to support three independent displays through two built-in display ports and one DVI port.

In response to the growing demand for greater manageability and increased flexibility in real office environments, the Veriton L series features premium manageability applications preinstalled including: Intel vPro technology1 with AMT 8.0, TPM 1.2, Acer ProShield Security and Veriton ControlCenter.

Intel vPro with Active Management technology (AMT) 8.0 allows in-house or outsourced IT to easily manage all software and hardware computing assets within your organization, while ProShield integrates key security and management features under a unified user interface. Veriton ControlCenter places crucial functions and handy utilities into a single, fast access panel that provides a wealth of information under one easily accessible interface.

This truly space-saving desktop PC guarantees low noise, contributing to a more productive work environment and frees desks and working area. At the same time, the 100% solid capacitor design provides that stability, reliability and longevity essential to the power needs of high-end processors and other components running today's most demanding applications.

1 on L6 series desktops only