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Käytämme evästeitä parantaaksemme sivuston käyttäjäystävällisyyttä. Sivustomme saattavat sisältää evästeitä myös kolmansilta osapuolilta. Klikkaamalla tästä saat tietoa evästeistämme ja miten voit muuttaa asetuksiasi. Sulkemalla tämän ikkunan tai jatkaessasi sivuston käyttöä hyväksyt samalla evästeiden käytön.

Acer TravelMate B113: the perfect schoolmate - Slender yet robust everyday learning companion
Bioggio (2012-06-29)

Thin, light, stylish and with long battery life, the TravelMate B113 is the ideal solution for school use. It fully meets all requirements for communication and mobility, allowing students to create and share content with friends and schoolmates, even in real time. Perfect for both beginners and advanced users, it provides basic functionality and ease of use.

The TravelMate B113 features a comfortable 11.6” display along with Acer Office Manager and robust security applications, making it a dependable everyday learning companion.

Acer Office Manager is a manageability solution which allows education institution to deploy security policies, monitor IT assets, and schedule maintenance tasks in one simple manageability package.

In addition, the TravelMate B113 comes with Acer ProShield Manager, a suite of essential security and manageability tools that integrates fundamental features in a unified user interface. Acer ProShield secures the notebook from unwanted access from BIOS level all the way up to application level, keeps critical files safe by encrypting and storing them in a Personal Secure Drive (PSD), allows users to remove unwanted files or folders beyond recovery.

This notebook is also equipped with a series of Education pre-installed or free to download software, including Acer Classroom Manager, specifically designed to provide teachers with the ability to instruct, monitor and interact with their students in class.

With the 6cell battery, the TavelMate B113 archives more than 7 hours of battery life, that allows unprecedented freedom and mobility for the students, avoiding the need of recharging in the classroom where only few outlets are available or the inconvenience of computers turning off in the middle of the lesson.

Ultra-thin (less than 21mm) and light – it only weighs 1.38 kg – the TravelMate B113 is extremely manageable and easily fits students’ backpacks without adding excess weight. Despite its small size, this notebook has a keyboard with large keys that make typing more practical and comfortable and host up to powerful 3rd generation Intel processors and Intel HD graphics 4000.

Designed to offer easy connectivity and make it easier to access and share documents in the classroom, the TravelMate B113 offers a choice of options: 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ for wireless connectivity, Gigabit Ethernet for reliable cable connection and Bluetooth® 4.0, for high-speed sharing of media files or documents.