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Acer TravelMate P6 series - Serious Machines for Serious Business
Manno (2012-06-14)

Designed around the needs of corporate users looking for robust, secure and powerful systems, the new TravelMate P6 series hit the perfect equilibrium between efficient performance, enhanced security and optimal manageability, in three different format: 13.3, 14 and 15.6-inch.

Acer’s new TravelMate P6 series were specifically designed to provide the flexibility and security required in the most demanding professional environments, combining enhanced security, solid performance, excellent graphics, great manageability and extended battery life. These notebooks not only feature multi-level security with integrated management and theft recovery solution to protect companies’ investment and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), but provide best-in-class performance to effortlessly run intensive and enterprise application and deliver higher return on investment (ROI). They represent the perfect choice to give business an edge over.

To ensure the kind of performance needed by business users, the TravelMate P6 series take advantage of the 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors with Intel® vPro™ and AMT 8.0 technologies that allow in-house or outsourced IT to easily manage all software and hardware computing assets within the organization. Heal systems remotely regardless of the OS or system state and protect their enterprise from malicious software attacks.

As business activities are increasingly reliant on graphics and multimedia, adequate solutions are called for. A remarkable visual performance with rich colour and crisp images is provided by Intel® HD Graphics 4000, which enables high-definition video, seamlessly switching presentation, Windows extend desktop mode support, and real-time editing on screen.

Notebooks are more vulnerable than desktops to data leakage and physical theft; this is why security is a key concern for professional users, as their laptops carry valuable information and often irreplaceable data. With the TravelMate laptops user data and valuable assets are protected by Acer ProShield security, a suite of essential security and manageability tools that integrates fundamental features in a unified user interface.

Acer ProShield secures the notebook from unwanted access from BIOS level all the way up to application level. It features pre-boot authentication (PBA) with BIOS/HDD password, alternative Windows log-on via built-in fingerprint reader, and TPM password for data protection. Critical files can be kept safe by encrypting and storing them in your own Personal Secure Drive (PSD). With the File Shredder utility users can permanently remove unwanted files or folders from the computer beyond recovery. Easy manageability is also provided. Acer ProShield includes the automated solution to actively manage your IT assets remotely and on the fly.
Acer BioProtection Fingerprint solution featuring pre-boot authentication provides the first level of notebook protection securing the system from unauthorized access using cutting edge biometric technology. Together with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) solution it guarantees the integrity of the client platform. TPM also allows secure storage and reporting of security relevant metrics. Through Acer Backup Manager important data are kept secure also from accidents or crashes, allowing data and files backup at ease, while Acer eRecovery Management provides recovery on-demand for complete peace of mind.

The TravelMate P6 series embed solid anti-theft solutions: Intel Anti-Theft technology is a hardware-based security mechanism designed to protect your PC even when it is lost or stolen, while Absolute Data Protection (ADP) by Absolute Software allows users to track their PC if it's lost or stolen. When combined, these solutions allow users to remotely delete files or freeze the stolen notebook for retrieval, and obtain the geo-location of their stolen notebook.

To improve versatility and mobility, the new TravelMate can be connected to the Acer ProDock docking station, featuring advanced I/O ports such as USB 3.0/2.0 ports, Display Port, DVI port, HDMI port, VGA port, and ergonomic design for secured and tangle-free cable management. Acer ProDock has compact design that fits any space requirement and provides single port connect capability via the product.

The TravelMate P6 series are tough machines, well protected against the wear and tear of mobile life. The resilient case design with a Magnesium-Aluminium cage distributes evenly all external forces and can withstand extreme pressure. The metal alloy hinge comes with a reinforced coil for maximum hold strength; while the Autolock feature ensure your notebook lid is tightly secured for LCD protection.
The design of the new TravelMates evokes quality and professionalism. Neat lines and slim profile all add up to create a feel of efficiency and timeless style.