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Acer interactive projectors engage students in collaborative work - A new Acer-EUN project evaluates the Acer DLP® Interactive projector in the classroom
Manno (2012-05-28)

Interactive projectors can enable teachers to engage students in collaborative learning in the classroom across all subjects, according to a new report published by European Schoolnet. The report aims at evaluating the use of Acer DLP® interactive projector in the classroom and highlights guidelines for best practice to both schools and commercial suppliers across Europe.

Six countries were identified to participate within the study and twelve secondary schools were equipped with two Acer DLP interactive projectors. “The interactive projector has enabled the teachers involved to explore new ways of learning and teaching, to develop their own interactive resources and to engage the students in collaborative work”, says Diana Bannister, University of Wolverhampton, Development Director for Learning Technologies, in charge of the evaluation report.

The DLP Acer Interactive projector can project onto existing projector screens or whiteboards or directly onto the wall. The need for any type of special display screen is eliminated and teachers can interact with everything they project from anywhere in the classroom.

“The introduction of technologies within the school environment can foster a new kind of interaction between teachers and students”, says Federico Carozzi, Acer EMEA Educational Business Manager. “The ultimate aim is to embed the technology for the benefit of all the students”.

The main findings of the report, drawn together after link research visits to each of the countries, demonstrate how different countries are facing the same challenges to implement interactive learning technologies in the classroom. “The projector can be used in a range of settings and to deliver a range of subjects with great versatility. But the schools and the teacher have to take responsibility for effective learning and teaching; it is about making sure that the pedagogy is driving the technology”, says Diana Bannister.

The full report is available to download here: The “1:1 pedagogy for schools” website is an initiative by Acer and European Schoolnet and offers versatile resources to all teachers interested in 1:1 pedagogy.