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Acer to Hold Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum Promoting green ICT and green economy
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2012-03-19)

Acer Inc. will hold its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum on March 20, 2012 in Taipei.  The main theme for this year is promoting green ICT and green economy.  J.T. Wang, Acer’s chairman and CEO, and Dun-Yi Wu, the elected vice president of Taiwan, will give the opening remarks.  Acer has invited world-renowned energy and climate change experts to lecture, as well as international stakeholders and suppliers to share experiences and participate in the panel discussion.

Acer has invited two important keynote speakers for this seminar: KPMG’s Yvo de Boer, special global advisor for climate change and sustainability, and former general secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC); and Fumitoshi Terashima, vice president of Sanyo Energy. Both will also join J.T Wang and Eugene Chien, chairman of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy (TISE), for the panel discussion.

This year, Acer CSR Forum will emphasize low-carbon as an inevitable trend, presenting how low-carbon ICT products could contribute to a green economy.  Topics also include the expectations and propositions on low-carbon business strategies and technical innovations of Taiwan’s ICT industry.

In recent years, the United Nations, the European Union, the United States, Japan and China have been actively promoting low-carbon economies and green growth. The focus has been mainly on low-carbon electricity, production, transport, construction, sustainable consumption, etc.  In addition, these countries are seeking ways to further lower their carbon levels, so as to become more environmentally friendly and more responsible for economic development models.

Since 2008, Acer has held a Corporate Social Responsibility Forum in order to increase awareness on CSR.  Using the forum as a platform, Acer invites international and domestic CSR stakeholders to share experiences with the Taiwan ICT industry in the hopes of improving the sustainability of Taiwan’s ICT industry.

The corporate social responsibility covers wide range of areas.  Currently, Acer emphasizes more on issues such as energy and climate change, green product design and development, supply chain management, product recycling, and data disclosure in CSR report.

Acer continues to build good communication channels with its stakeholders, and encourages business partners to fulfill CSR together.


  • Acer CSR milestones

2006    Started Acer's Inaugural Year of Corporate Sustainability
2008   The first company in Taiwan to establish the Corporate Sustainability Office (CSO)
2008    Published Acer’s first Corporate Responsibility Report
2008    World’s first IT company to hold regular CSR Forum
2009    Announced Aspire Timeline, a climate-friendly notebook.
2011    Commit to integrity and strengthen corporate governance

  • International stakeholders who are invited to the 2012 Acer CSR Forum:

GEC:Green Electronics Council
CSCI:Climate Savers Computing Initiative
EICC:Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition
SAM:Sustainable Asset Management
CDP:Carbon Disclosure Project