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Acer announces its latest F2 generation of server products
Manno (2012-03-06)

In line with a solid strategy for commercial products, Acer has advanced its server line with a whole new line up of refreshed server products. This time around, Acer has not only updated the specifications to support the latest Intel Xeon processors E5 family, but has expanded its business portfolio and management tools to provide greater flexibility in modern datacenters.

Greater performance and expandability
The new product designs feature Intel's latest line up of Intel Xeon processor E5 family of CPUs, which give up to two times the performance for certain benchmarks, and up to 8 cores per CPU. The F2 generation, also provides greater expandability and more robust specifications built into every platform. Hardware-aside, the F2 generation will improve on operating system support to include mainstream and open source platforms, and its management tools are enhanced to improve IT ease of use.

Datacenter management for the SMB
This new generation of servers from Acer offers the same set of standard management tools - Smart Setup, Smart Console, Smart Server Manager and Smart Integration Pack - and enhances the toolset with such features as remote BIOS/firmware updates and power monitoring. To ensure the F2 line is as at home in the Data center as in a standard small or medium-sized business, Acer has also integrated a power management tool kit as an add-on expansion for its own Smart Server Manager. This optional feature enables enterprise and datacenter customers to run power capping commands across Acer servers via a uniform interface to ensure each machine is providing the most optimal power-performance needed for mission-critical applications.

Evis Lin, AVP of Enterprise Product Business Unit at Acer Inc., remarked "The new F2 line of server products represents our continuous strive to provide even more robust solutions for the modern business, enterprise and datacenter." He continued "After revamping Acer's server commercial-line of enterprise-class products in 2009, we learned a great deal more about datacenter demands. Today we are glad to tell our customers we hear you and we have answered."

Speaking on European Professional business and markets, Oliver Ahrens President of Acer EMEA, also remarked "We are pleased to have this new line of servers to help jump start our new channel business model. On the professional side, the new server line is a perfect representation of how consistency can be achieved. We are now in a strong position to build the Acer brand in the professional space."

Simple, focused and innovative, Acer's new server line up offers the best products in the best package for the channel.