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Press Releases
Acer Appoints Tiffany Huang President of PC Global Operations - Incumbent president, Campbell Kan, to serve as special assistant to Acer chairman
Acer announces the appointment of Tiffany Huang to become the president of Personal Computer Global Operations (PCGO), reporting to the corporate president, Jim Wong. Huang shall replace Campbell Kan who will serve as special assistant to the chairman, J.T. Wang. Both appointments shall take effect from January 1, 2013.
Acer announces an Experiential Campaign across 10 countries in Europe to introduce the portfolio of “Touch and Type” devices
Acer opens a series of interactive experiential stands across 25 different locations in Europe to showcase its comprehensive range of Touch-and-Type products with Windows 8. The stands fuse cutting edge digital animation with a comfortable and relaxed area for customers to explore Acer’s latest range of products.
Acer Predator G5920 Advanced Graphics for Ultimate Gaming Experience
Shaped by the passion for visually intense multimedia and gaming, the new Acer Predator G5920 has an edge handling even the most demanding processing and graphics performance needs for content creation and consumption. Whether you are editing multi-layered high-resolution digital photos, watching HD videos from Internet, or creating and editing your own videos, you’ll appreciate the performance of this Windows 8 desktop.
Acer H6 IPS Display series: visuals without boundaries
The first thing that meets the eye is the seemingly endless panel. But this is only the beginning. The new Acer H6 display series breaks away from display standards, both in terms of design and performance. Once you’ll turn these displays on, you’ll think “Wow!”. Details have never been so crisp and images so sharp: you’ll take them for the real thing.
Acer S1370Whn projector: Short-throw versatility
Acer enriches its range of projectors designed to meet the needs of education and bring into the classroom new ways of teaching and learning, with the S1370Whn model. This projector integrates all the features that are important for schools, such as short throw projection and LAN control, and it’s compliant with the Crestron Network Control that enables complete management of the projector via LAN.
Acer named as CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award Honoree
Acer today announced it has been named an International CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Awards Honoree for its Aspire S7 Touch Ultrabooks. Products entered in this prestigious program are judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, engineers and members of the media to honor outstanding design and engineering in cutting edge consumer electronics products across 29 product categories.
New, More Intuitive Provides an Excellent User Experience - Touch-optimized design helps visitors explore and discover Acer products
Acer has revitalized its global website — — to provide web surfers with a highly intuitive, touch-optimized interface, along with a look that embodies the brand spirit. The website allows easy navigation and many user-friendly features that demonstrate Acer’s leadership in the digital world. It is also a key step to achieving the corporate goal of becoming a true market-oriented company. Acer collaborated with VML, the renowned digital marketing agency that is part of the Y&R Group in this website revamp.
Acer Commits to Delivering Industry’s Most Complete User Experience in the Era of Touch and Type Duality
As the IT ecosystem continues to change, companies today can no longer depend solely on operational efficiency, speed and cost to ensure business success. The future is about providing a complete user experience — in product design, breadth and depth of offering, service, and brand.
Acer ICONIA Tablet PCs with Windows 8 Offer Unparalleled Power, Versatility, and Battery Life
The ideal mix of tablet convenience and notebook performance for everywhere productivity and exploration
Aspire U Series All-in-One Redefines the PC Touch Interface
30-to-80-degree tilt, 10-point multi-touch and Full HD A/V packed in an ultra-thin 35 mm design
Acer Aspire S7 Series The Thinnest and Lightest “Touch & Type” Ultrabooks™
A stunning unibody design with glass construction and unique hinge that provides seamless touch-type control
Acer T2 series touch monitors - Smart viewing and sophisticated design
Slender and elegant, the new Acer T2 touch displays are a masterpiece of design and technology, that will bring touch-type duality to desktop users and set new standards in terms of ergonomics and smart viewing. The T2 series is engineered to deliver top performance as well as a sophisticated design and will appeal to graphic artists, professionals and design-conscious users alike.
Aspire ZS600, Full HD Entertainment Center - The touch-enabled hub of a digital life
Brighten a digital lifestyle with an all-in-one (AIO) desktop that combines a space saving design with enhanced usability. The new Acer Aspire ZS600 AIO desktop is a true multimedia and social networking center for each family member, providing fabulous entertainment and premium performance.
Aspire V5 Touch Notebook Broadens Acer’s “Touch-Type” Offering for Mainstream Consumers - Slender and light with 10-point touch display
Acer Aspire V5 Series brings touch-type “duality” to the mainstream. The current trend is towards thinner and lighter notebooks that allow users to enjoy both entertainment and content creation anytime, anywhere.
Acer Aspire M Series Ultrabooks™ Bring Touch-Type Duality to the Mainstream - Excellent touch experience in a powerful Ultrabook™
Acer designs products to enable everyone to explore beyond limits. With this purpose in mind Acer has overhauled its M Series Ultrabooks™ to bring a rich touch experience to the mainstream consumer, offering 10-point touch, frameless HD display, latest Intel® Core™ processor, and 8+ hours battery life in a slim package, ready to support Windows 8.
Megan Fox stars in latest campaign for Acer
Megan Fox is the latest celebrity to front a campaign for computer company Acer and reveal a different and unexpected side to her character.
Acer introduces the Iconia W700P professional tablet
When it comes to mobility, a tablet can be an excellent companion for busy professionals always on the move. The Acer Iconia W700P is powerful and ultra-responsive; it also features a cradle that stands in portrait or landscape view to provide various usage modes, as well as a Bluetooth keyboard to keep users productive anytime, anywhere . Great for sharing information with clients and business partners, the Iconia W700P makes working on the go easier.
Enrich your business with the Acer Iconia W510P tablet solution
Providing lightweight, long battery life and all-round connectivity, tablets are today the latest frontier of mobility and using them for business activities will increase productivity and enhance the working on the go experience. With the Iconia W510P Acer created a tablet that brings the office out of the office, allowing a superior experience on the go.
Acer TravelMate P453 - Productivity meets Solid Security
Designed to boost business productivity with advanced performance and multi-level security, the new Acer TravelMate P453 is the answer to the needs of SMB/SOHO looking for the perfect balance between security, productivity and ergonomics. All details have been fine-tuned by Acer to offer the optimal user experience whether in the office or on the go
Acer Veriton N series maximizing productivity while saving space
A gorgeous gem-cut design, an extremely compact form factor, generous processing power plus manageability and security features: the new Acer Veriton N series has all the ingredients to deliver optimal computing performance at low maintenance costs and energy consumption.
Acer and Velocite bring High Performance Computing to Bicycle Manufacturing
Acer is bringing high-performance computing (HPC) to computer-aided design and simulation in bicycle manufacturing. The Acer AT350 F2 high-end servers are used to conduct research and tests by Velocite, maker of high-performance bikes and components.
Acer expands its Windows 8 - Upgrade refund Promotion!
Acer believes that its customers should have access to, and benefit from, the latest technology, which is why Acer has been an active partner in promoting the official Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade program. In addition to this program, in June, Acer introduced a unique promotion, offering to refund the cost of the official online Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade, on all Acer UltrabookTM purchased between 2nd June 2012 and 31st January 2013.
Acer presents the new ICONIA TAB A110 - Better mobility meets stylish and compact design
If you are looking for a tablet that you can easily hold in one hand and still lets you enjoy web browsing, multimedia, or even work if you need to, you have found your dream tablet. The new Acer ICONIA TAB A110, with a 7” display and less than 390 g of weight, is compact to carry and comfortable to browse, taking your mobile experience to the next level.
Acer Foundation Launches the First Incredible Green Contest
Acer Foundation launched the first annual Incredible Green Contest to promote better and greener living environment. The competition, open to students at all levels worldwide, aims to encourage the development of innovative and sustainable solutions leading to energy saving, and carbon emissions reduction, as well as to increase awareness around environmental issues.
Acer RL80: the ultimate multimedia solution
With a sleek, contemporary design and powerful multimedia capabilities, the Acer RL80 offers a fabulous multimedia experience for any home, whether tucked away in the corner of your desk or nicely concealed behind a monitor or TV
Acer Aspire X3995 - Exciting HD entertainment and effortless multitasking
Combining a stylish modern design and a host of cutting-edge features, the new Acer Aspire X3995 desktop was engineered to deliver exciting entertainment as well as the performance needed to run smoothly even most demanding everyday tasks.
Acer Aspire 7600U - Essential elegance and outstanding performance
The Acer Aspire 7600U is a jewel of design and technology, radiating that kind of ageless elegance that comes from eliminating all excess to bring out pure form. The result is a striking AIO with an extremely thin profile that will add a touch of modern, minimalist style everywhere you place it; all the same, it packs advanced features to deliver a premium performance.
Acer Aspire M3 touch Series - Excellent touch experience in a powerful Ultrabook®
Improving on a device that is already ultra-thin, ultra-light, powerful and rich with features designed to enhance the user experience is quite a challenge. A challenge that Acer took on. The Acer Aspire M3 sports a 10-point touch display that provides a brilliant navigation experience and is ready to support Windows 8.
Acer Aspire M3985 - Awesome HD entertainment and seamless multitasking
The all-new Acer Aspire M3985 desktop PC is the perfect choice for multimedia enjoyment and seamless multitasking. Combining a sleek, modern design, a host of cutting-edge features, superior performance and awesome entertainment, this desktop is designed to satisfy all home computing needs, from passionate gaming to compelling HD entertainment, from superior performance to rich graphics.
Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook™ series - Iconic design and superb user experience
Created from scratch to set new standards in design and user experience, the new premium Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook™ series take mobile computing a step further, adding to the mix of performance and aesthetics the user-friendliness of the touch experience that will also take advantage of the new features of Window® 8.
Acer Aspire V5 touch Series - Slender and light with 10-point touch display
Acer Aspire V5 Series presents added user-friendliness with 10-point touch display and a larger trackpad, designed to enhance multi-gesture content consumption and to take advantage of the features offered by Windows 8. This new range of thin and light notebooks suits users looking for impressive performance, thermal comfort, cool style, and more convenient mobile usability.
Aspire ZS600, Full HD Entertainment Center - The hub of your digital life
Brighten your digital life with an all-in-one desktop that combines a space saving design with enhanced usability. The new Acer Aspire ZS600 AIO desktop is a true multimedia and social networking center for each family member, providing fabulous entertainment and premium performance.
Acer Aspire XC desktop series - Smart design and richer HD experience
Pushing the boundaries to offer users a better experience, the new Acer Aspire XC desktop series is capable of handling any home computing and entertainment needs. Great at multitasking, even with the most advanced applications, and offering a richer HD experience, these desktops feature advanced technology and are powerful performers in a cool design and small form factor taking up just a third of the space of standard PCs.
Acer DW271HL WiView Monitor - Connect, share and enjoy
Acer has a long tradition of bringing innovative products to the market. The latest addition to its wide range of monitors, the DW271HL monitor is a clear example of such tradition. This monitor features Acer WiView technology, which enables seamless wireless connectivity to your PC and access to all the media content in your home network via Acer
Acer H5370BD video projector - Fully immersive home projection
Acer projectors are designed to unlock a world of exciting entertainment. The new Acer H5370BD projector with native HD-ready resolution offers exceptional performance for all contents in any type of environment, plus it supports 3D projection enabling users to fully appreciate the array of possibilities brought by the stereoscopic technology.
Acer H6510BD projector - Awesome Full HD home entertainment
To enjoy unforgettable entertainment, image quality is extremely important. This is why the new Acer H6510BD projector packs a number of technologies designed to produce a stunning visual experience and incredibly lifelike images with enhanced contrast and greater brightness.
New Acer ICONIA TAB A210 - A must-have for everyone
Mobility and versatility now find a new form of expression in the new Acer ICONIA TAB A210, a 10.1-inch tablet designed to maximize content enjoyment, delivering a rich multimedia, gaming and web experience.
Acer ICONIA W510 - The new era of mobility
Mobility means more than the freedom of using a device anywhere; it’s also the freedom of using a device in more ways, according to our needs and moods. Developing the new ICONIA W510, Acer created a device designed for Windows 8 that offers excellent flexibility, allowing users to enjoy and share content, as well as be productive.
Introducing the Acer ICONIA W700 - Enjoy an ultra-tablet experience
In the new Acer ICONIA W700, the ergonomics and user friendliness of a tablet meet with the performance of a notebook, a great mix for modern day explorers on-the-go to enjoy an optimal user experience from virtually anywhere.
Acer K330 video projector - Small in size, big in performance
Stylish and smaller than a magazine, the Acer K330 is a compact video projector that provides the latest projection technologies and brings high-impact performance wherever you go. Whether at work or at home this projector enables users to enjoy and share the wealth of digital content at their disposal, or to capture the attention of colleagues and business contacts with enticing presentations.
Acer S275HL display - Unique design and advanced Eco-friendly features
Acer enriches its display range introducing the new S275HL LED monitor, the epitome of sophisticated design and top-notch performance endowed with cutting-edge technologies. Each detail of the Acer S275HL LED monitor, from the asymmetrical stand and the Zero Frame outline to the ultra-slim profile, combine to create an appealing minimalistic and modern look that will fit perfectly in any modern home.
Acer T2 series touch monitors - Smart viewing and sophisticated design
Slender and elegant, the new Acer T2 touch displays are a masterpiece of design and technology, that will set new standards in terms of ergonomics and smart viewing. The T2 series is engineered to deliver top performance as well as a sophisticated design and will appeal to graphic artists, professionals and design-conscious users alike.
AcerCloud debuts in Europe
A cloud hovers above Europe. No worries! AcerCloud is the ultimate solution that enables users to connect all their digital devices wirelessly and automatically at anytime and anywhere. Starting from August 31, AcerCloud Beta will be initially available in France, Germany, Italy, and UK, and users will find it preloaded on their new Acer notebooks and desktops.
Acer Steps Up Marketing, Engages Red Peak Group and Appoints Michael Birkin as Chief Marketing Officer
To energize and strengthen Acer’s global marketing organization, Acer will engage Red Peak Group, a global marketing services firm, and appoint Red Peak Chairman Michael Birkin as Acer Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). This strategic move is aimed at strengthening Acer as a marketing-oriented company.
Acer Regards U.S. International Trade Commission Investigation on Patents a Common Dispute in IT Industry - Dealing with issue and expects no significant impact on business
Acer does not expect significant impact on business and operations as the result of the U.S. International Trade Commission’s (ITC) investigation on alleged infringement of U.S. patents by numerous companies, including Acer.
Acer EMEA launches a new advertising campaign, featuring Kiefer Sutherland, to introduce its new brand tag line and the Aspire S5 UltrabookTM
Acer EMEA launches the “Explore Your Hidden Passions” advertising campaign, providing a powerful platform from which to introduce the new Acer brand tagline “explore beyond limits” and to support the sales of Acer mobile computers. Featuring the latest Aspire S5 Ultrabook™, this campaign is one of Acer’s largest marketing investments in terms of creative development and media coverage.
Acer launches Liquid Gallant and Liquid Gallant Duo - Everything you need in the palm of your hand
Acer announces a winning twin of smartphones, the Liquid Gallant and Liquid Gallant Duo. With their advanced features and rich functionalities, these smartphones are the perfect companions of modern day’s explorers.
From the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, to the dual-sim dual stand-by model, ideal for globetrotters or for who wants to choose the better rate, these smartphones are designed to offer an enhanced user experience.
Acer Inc. Q2 Preliminary Financial Results: Consolidated Revenue NT$110.6B (US$3.7B) down 2.2% QOQ, Operating Income NT$433M (US$14.48M) doubles in growth, PAT NT$56M (US$1.87M), EPS NT$0.02
Acer Inc. announces the preliminary financial results for Q2 2012. Consolidated revenue was NT$110.6B (US$3.7B), down 2.2% quarter-on-quarter (QOQ) and 8.3% up year-on-year (YOY). Operating income was NT$433M (US$14.48M), representing 213.5% growth QOQ; profit after tax (PAT) was NT$56M (US$1.87M); and earnings per share (EPS) was NT$0.02.
Acer Notebooks Rank No. 1 in Q212 Shipments Worldwide
Acer has claimed the No.1 position in notebook shipments worldwide for Q2 2012, according to data by market research company Gartner.
Acer’s new Veriton M professional desktop series - Improved network management and security
The new Veriton desktop PC range represent an effective application of Acer’s deep awareness of evolving market requirements and of its broad technological expertise to provide desktop solutions that brings superior efficiency and enhanced manageability to the modern business environment. Designed focusing on business needs, the new Veriton M series combine eco-friendliness with the right amount of computing power to run all daily office tasks smoothly.

Acer, a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement is providing the PC hardware infrastructure for the London 2012 Olympic Games. As part of its commitment to the legacy following the Games, Acer has worked with leading education charity the e-Learning Foundation to find a home for over 500 laptops as a result of the legacy programme of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  

Acer Debuts World's First 1080p Hybrid LED-Laser Projector - Unique mercury-free technology improves brightness, color, and light-source lifetime
The Acer K750 is the world's first 1080p projector equipped with a hybrid laser-LED light technology, improving color saturation by 55% to deliver outstanding, energy efficient projection.
Acer unveils the Interactive Pavilion in the Olympic Park
Nothing compares to the excitement, the emotion and the spirit of excellence of the Olympic Games, a sporting event so powerful it’s capable of bringing the entire world to a complete standstill.
Acer Veriton L series: rock-solid performance in a space saving design - Even more versatile and efficient with its Ergo-Stand support
The ground-breaking Veriton L series of desktop PCs represents a stunningly effective application of Acer’s deep awareness of evolving market requirements and its broad technological expertise. The result is a desktop solution that does away with redundant components and peripherals to drive down initial asset investment and bring superior efficiency, enhanced manageability and even greater value for money to the modern business environment.
Acer providing key service for Olympic and Paralympic athletes - As the athletes’ villages open, Acer is ready to provide key service for athletes: the internet lounges.
Located at Stratford, Weymouth and Egham athletes’ villages, the Acer Internet Lounges provide athletes with fully-equipped computing stations offering broadband Internet access, printer capabilities and social networking applications, available 24/7 during both Olympic and Paralympic Games.
Acer launches special Windows 8 Upgrade Program refund promotion for its range of Ultrabook™.
Acer is an active partner in the recently launched Microsoft Windows 8 Upgrade Program, which offers customers, who bought a PC between 2nd June 2012 and the 31st January 2013, the chance to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 for just €14.99. In order to ensure our customers are able to take advantage of the opportunity, Acer is currently promoting this offer on its local websites and in stores.
Acer Aspire 5600U sets a new standard in all-in-one PC design
The Acer Aspire 5600U is simply elegant. It’s a completely renewed All-in-One with an extremely slim profile - less than 35 mm - and clean design, thus adding a touch of sophisticated style everywhere you place it.
Acer TravelMate B113: the perfect schoolmate - Slender yet robust everyday learning companion
Thin, light, stylish and with long battery life, the TravelMate B113 is the ideal solution for school use. It fully meets all requirements for communication and mobility, allowing students to create and share content with friends and schoolmates, even in real time. Perfect for both beginners and advanced users, it provides basic functionality and ease of use.
Acer expands its LCD V5 Series - Sustainable, solid vision
Acer presents the latest additions to the V5 series displays, six new LCD monitors showcasing slim, space-conscious design and eco-friendliness via energy saving white LED backlighting and Energy Star compliance.
Enjoy 3D lessons at schools with the new Acer S1213Hn projector - Ultra-short-throw versatility, network-control convenience
Specifically developed for the educational segment, the S1213Hn delivers flicker free 3D imaging for stunning 3D lessons that will bewitch the students. The three-dimensional experience is made possible by DLP 3D Ready technology that, using high (120 Hz) refresh rates, can transform the flat surface of the room wall into a 3D screen. The possibilities unlocked by this simple solution are limited only by our imagination: exploring the incredible human anatomy or the universe in 3D detail; touring famous archaeological sites just like being there...
Acer Debuts World’s First 6,000 Lumens Single Lamp Projector - Extreme Brightness for Hard-Hitting Presentations
Acer introduces world’s first 6,000 lumens professional projector, the P7215, using a single lamp. This projector is very eco-friendly, delivering light for up to 2,000 hours while using 350 watts, reducing power consumption and maintenance costs.
Acer Aspire S5 UltrabookTM, ultra-slim, ultra powerful, ultra-responsive - Acer’s thinnest Ultrabook™ with a unique hidden MagicFlip panel
The Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook™ is not only extremely thin and light, but it’s also powerful enough to handle all of your daily tasks and tough enough to withstand the rigors of a life on the go.
Acer Veriton Z46xx series: the All-in-One PC for business - A touch of style and performance
Combining great performance, invaluable security and stylish modern design, the new Acer Veriton Z46xx series of All-in-One PCs herald next generation computing in the SMB market.
Acer to resell Altair’s PBS Professional and expand options for HPC users

Acer and Altair Engineering, Inc. today announced that Acer Group has become a global authorized reseller of Altair’s market-leading resource and workload management software product, PBS Professional.

Acer and NCHC demonstrate interactive Computational Fluid Dynamics application on a single server node at ISC’12

Acer and Taiwan’s National Center for High-performance Computing are demonstrating that real-time, interactive HPC applications are feasible within a single server node. Using the Acer AT350 F2 server equipped with NVIDIA® Tesla® and Quadro® GPUs and the latest Intel Xeon processors E5 family, NCHC has improved its own computational fluid dynamics (CFD) application capable of simulating air flow across any object in real time. Combining augmented reality with high-performance computing, this application has many practical applications for the design fields.

Acer TravelMate P6 series - Serious Machines for Serious Business
Designed around the needs of corporate users looking for robust, secure and powerful systems, the new TravelMate P6 series hit the perfect equilibrium between efficient performance, enhanced security and optimal manageability, in three different format: 13.3, 14 and 15.6-inch.
Advanced yet affordable, Acer debuts its professional P1223 projector - Chic contours, awesome visuals
The Acer P1223 projector combines smart looks with outstanding performance with rich colors, superb clarity, high brightness, excellent 3D entertainment and HDMi connectivity for a cinema-like experience.
Acer’s Computing Equipment Ready for the London 2012 Olympic Games - Acer's brand spirit – Explore Beyond Limits – matches that of the event
Acer is a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement in the official computing equipment product category for the London 2012 Olympic Games, commencing on the 27th of July.
Acer Aspire S5 Wins Best Choice Award at Computex 2012
– Acer's Aspire S5, which made its debut as the world’s thinnest Ultrabook®, has won the Best Choice Award this year at Computex Taipei, the most influential IT exhibition held in Asia. It, features the unique Acer Green Instant On technology for fast boot and resume, and Acer Always Connect, which lets users manage their multimedia and data on all their devices at anytime, anywhere — even from sleep.
Acer CloudMobile® Smartphone and S235HL LCD Monitor Earn Design & Innovation Awards at Computex 2012
Acer's product innovations once again received global recognition for their outstanding design. Acer CloudMobile™ smartphone and S235HL LCD monitor both won the Design & Innovation Awards this year at Computex Taipei. Concurrently, CloudMobile™ also received the Best Design Award.
Acer Unveils Windows® 8 PC Lineup: Ultrabooks™, Tablets, and AIO Desktops - Creating a world of explorers through transformational user experiences
Acer today announces its series of Windows 8-based products, which includes the premium Aspire S7 Ultrabook™, ICONIA W Series tablets, and Aspire U Series all-in-one (AIO) desktops, all featuring innovative ergonomic designs and appealing beauty that deliver greater convenience and delight to the overall user experience.
Acer Introduces Premium Touch Ultrabook™ — Aspire S7 - Iconic design for the thinnest and smallest Ultrabook™ devices
Acer today introduces its newest premium Windows® 8 Ultrabook™ devices — the Aspire S7 Series — at Computex Taipei. Available in two sizes, 13.3-inch and 11.6-inch, these are the thinnest and smallest, respectively, Full HD touch Ultrabooks™. Both feature a sleek aluminum metallic unibody design and provide a more engrossing computing experience. The larger model additionally sports a glossy, sculpted glass cover, delivering a trendy and elegant appearance.
Acer Presents Windows 8® Tablets - Featuring multipurpose viewing on Full HD touchscreens
Acer presents two of its newest Windows® 8 tablets at Computex Taipei. The ICONIA W510 evolves the computing experience with three different modes of touchscreen operation, while the ICONIA W700 is the best-performing Windows 8 tablet with the added versatility of a cradle. Both designed to set new standards in ergonomics and user-friendliness.
Acer Announces Windows® 8 All-In-One U Series - Ultra-thin with Full HD visuals, Dolby® surround sound, and ergonomic touch from all angles for single or multiple users
Acer today announces two new Windows® 8 all-in-one (AIO) PCs at Computex Taipei: the Aspire 7600U (27-inch) and the Aspire 5600U (23-inch).
Acer presents the Aspire One 756 - Slim and light performer fits your fluid lifestyle
Combining extreme thinness and a featherweight with optimal performance, the Aspire One 756 is the perfect travel companion to let you enjoy fantastic entertainment or be productive whenever you want. But you can also count on it for longer battery life.
Acer interactive projectors engage students in collaborative work - A new Acer-EUN project evaluates the Acer DLP® Interactive projector in the classroom
Interactive projectors can enable teachers to engage students in collaborative learning in the classroom across all subjects, according to a new report published by European Schoolnet. The report aims at evaluating the use of Acer DLP® interactive projector in the classroom and highlights guidelines for best practice to both schools and commercial suppliers across Europe.
Acer TravelMate P243 series - Fast, efficient and reliable computing
Designed to meet the needs of SMB and SOHO for multi-task processing performance, efficiency and reliability, the new Acer TravelMate P243 add to the mix a pleasant yet practical design. All details have been fine-tuned by Acer to offer the optimal user experience whether at home or on the go.
Acer Debuts the Aspire M5 - Light, strong, urban gorgeous
Once again Acer pushes the boundaries of mobile computing to the extreme and created a family of Ultrabooks™ that are destined to impress and leave a mark. The all new Aspire M5 series reaches unprecedented levels of performance, convenience, connectivity and battery life. Simply thin and light and not compromising with 14” and 15” form factors, the Aspire M5 represents the new experience of instant use and anywhere mobility.
Acer tablets enter the school arena - A new Acer-EUN project will examine how tablets can be used in educational contexts
As a follow-up to the Acer-European Schoolnet Educational Netbook Pilot, Acer decided to commission a new study to examine how the use of Acer Windows’ tablets can impact on teaching and learning practices in classes and support, as a consequence, new ways of learning and teaching.
Acer G6 series - Super-slim design, inspiring performance
The recent explosion of video content requires display technologies to be as cutting-edge as computers to showcase amazing visuals and to deliver exceptional graphics for action packed gaming. This is what the new Acer G6 display series does best: it offers the perfect blend of style and technology to fully enjoy terrific cinematic views of the latest high-definition content.
Acer enriches its best-selling family of netbooks, Debuting the Aspire One 725 - Sensational HD Multimedia Experiences
The Aspire One 725 was designed to skillfully combine a tasteful and stylish look with terrific performance enabling users enjoy a sensational visual experience for superb multimedia – movies, games, photos, videos – wherever they go. This netbook delivers a state-of-the-art user experience and amazing HD visuals anytime, anywhere.
Acer customers to enjoy the London 2012 Olympic Games live broadcasts thanks to Acer and Eurosport partnership
Acer, Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement, is giving its customers unlimited access to live action from the Olympic Games thanks to a partnership with Official Broadcaster, Eurosport.
Acer Inc. Q1 2012 Financial Results
Consolidated Revenue NT$113B (US$3.8B),
Operating Income NT$138M (US$4.7M),
PAT NT$331M (US$11.2M), EPS NT$0.12
Acer Reveals the K130 Travel Projector - Unique technology improves brightness, color, and light-source lifetime
Extremely light and ultra-compact, the ultra-portable projector K130 is so small it can even fit in a pocket or allow users to project vibrant visuals from just one hand.
Acer announces the handover of its new EMEA head-quarters in Switzerland
Acer’s new EMEA head-quarters is now completed and ready to house Acer’s main operations in the region. The innovative new building will host all executive functions, marketing, finance and logistics, and lays a solid foundation for the company’s future.
Acer HN274H B, the first 27-inch FHD 3D LED monitor to support NVIDIA® 3D LIGHTBOOST™ technology
TV broadcasts, movies, gaming, photography and even new learning applications: 3D technology unlocks an entire world of experiences. Experiences that can be best appreciated on a bigger screen. Acer, always at the forefront in offering technologically advanced solutions, now presents the HN274H B, the successor of the first 27-inch 3D monitor to support the HDMI® and DVI (dual link) 3D solution, enabling users to fully appreciate the array of possibilities brought by the stereoscopic technology.
Acer Inc. 2011 Financial Results:
Consolidated Revenue NT$475.3B (US$15.7B), Operating Loss NT 6.4B (US$211M), PAT NT$-6.6B (US$-218M), EPS NT$-2.52
Acer Inc. Board of Directors today approved the financial results for year 2011. Acer’s consolidated revenues were NT$475.3B (US$15.7B), declining 24% year-on-year (YOY). The operating loss reached NT$6.4B (US$211M), profits-after-tax (PAT) was NT$-6.6B (US$-218M), and earnings-per-share (EPS) was NT$-2.52.
Acer V273HL - Increased productivity and work efficiency

Acer announces the new V273HL, the energy – efficient and earth-friendly LED monitor equipped with sharpening contrast ratio (100M: 1), fiery response time (5 ms), HDMI and DVI ports with HDPC support.

Acer to Hold Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum Promoting green ICT and green economy

Acer Inc. will hold its annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Forum on March 20, 2012 in Taipei.  The main theme for this year is promoting green ICT and green economy.  J.T. Wang, Acer’s chairman and CEO, and Dun-Yi Wu, the elected vice president of Taiwan, will give the opening remarks.  Acer has invited world-renowned energy and climate change experts to lecture, as well as international stakeholders and suppliers to share experiences and participate in the panel discussion.

New York Knicks and Acer announce new Marketing Partnership
The New York Knickerbockers and Acer announced today a new first-time marketing partnership for the remainder of the 2011-12 season. Acer, whose global headquarters are in Taiwan, will be an Official Partner of the Knicks and promote the company’s personal computers.
Acer Debuts the Aspire Timeline Ultra M3 - The industry's first 15", 2-spindle Ultrabook™ with dedicated graphics and an optical drive
The new Aspire Timeline Ultra was first unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last January; today Acer showcases the new Aspire M3 of the Timeline Ultra family, at the CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover, Germany.
Acer Introduces the V3 Series - Brilliant all-around performance
Acer has unveiled the V3 Series, a range of notebooks optimized for today's digital needs, available in 14-, 15.6- and 17.3-inch models. With excellent performance, entertainment enhancements, communication tools and a classy design, these notebooks are intended for tech-savvy users who want daily high-definition audio and visual experiences.
Acer Introduces the ICONIA TAB A510 Olympic Games Edition - This ultimate tool for the road features very long battery life, quad-core performance, and mobile productivity tools
Acer introduces the ICONIA TAB A510 Olympic Games Edition. Celebrating Acer's partnership with the Olympic Movement, the design unites the Acer and Olympic logos, and is available in black or silver. The ICONIA TAB A510 is the company's newest Android Ice Cream Sandwich-based tablet. It features 15 hours of battery life for true all-day usability, a powerful NVIDIA® TEGRA® 3 quad-core processor, and the latest tools for mobile productivity, sharing and more.
Acer Reveals the K520 Hybrid LED-Laser Projector - Unique technology improves brightness, color, and light-source lifetime
Acer Inc. today reveals the LED-laser hybrid K520. This projector uses unique hybrid LED-laser light-source technology to achieve vibrant imagery with long-lasting 2000 lumens brightness.
Acer announces its latest F2 generation of server products
In line with a solid strategy for commercial products, Acer has advanced its server line with a whole new line up of refreshed server products. This time around, Acer has not only updated the specifications to support the latest Intel Xeon processors E5 family, but has expanded its business portfolio and management tools to provide greater flexibility in modern datacenters.
Acer Introduces the Aspire V5 Series - New Ultra-slim notebook featuring all-round mobility with impressive performance, thermal comfort, and affordability
Acer presents the Aspire V5 Series at the CeBIT tradeshow in Hannover, Germany. This new range of thin and light notebooks suits budget-conscious users looking for impressive performance, thermal comfort, cool style, plus convenient mobile usability.
Acer Introduces the ICONIA TAB A700 - See the difference with Full HD
Acer is proud to introduce its new Full HD tablet, the ICONIA TAB A700, a top-class solution that delivers Full HD experiences in a highly mobile package.
The New Liquid Glow Smartphone - A handful of friendship and fun

Acer presents its Liquid Glow smartphone at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Based on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, this smartphone brings the ultimate balance between style, performance and affordability — ideal for today's fun-seeking, social-networking youth.

Acer S271HL Ultra slim, Big Picture - Modern design, large screen and mercury free for eco-friendly users
The Acer S271HL S1 series monitor, is an energy efficient and earth friendly LED Monitor, endowed with cutting-edge technologies such as striking contrast ratio (100M: 1), blazing response time (2 ms), HDMI and DVI ports with HDCP support.
Acer announces 2011 preliminary financial results - Q411 result above breakeven
Acer Inc. announces the 2011 preliminary financial results, with the operating income of NT$0.1B (US$2.4M) in Q4, representing a turnaround from operating loss to profit in the last quarter.
Acer Flagship Smartphone Receives iF Product Design Award
The Acer Cloud Mobile™ smartphone has just received the iF product design award 2012, in recognition of outstanding achievement in design.
Acer S235HL Monitor Wins iF Product design Award
The Acer S235HL LCD monitor has been selected as a winner of the 2012 iF product design award. Its exceptional design has indeed impressed the jury, consisting of experts and renowned designers from all over the world.
Acer Initiated Legal Action Against Lanci

Acer today announced that it has initiated legal action against its former Chief Executive and President, Gianfranco Lanci.

Acer Names Yani Tseng as the Company’s Global Brand Ambassador
Acer has named the world’s No.1 ranked professional female golfer, Yani Tseng, as its global brand ambassador. Tseng will be sporting the Acer logo on the front of her cap at golfing tours worldwide from ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open in Victoria, Australia on February 9, 2012, and using Acer’s products on the road and at home to enrich her digital lifestyle.
Acer Recruits Eva Ho as the New CFO
Acer Inc. held a meeting on January 12 with the Board of Directors and approved the appointment of Eva Ho as the new Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and spokesperson of Acer Inc., effective on March 1, 2012.
AcerCloud Connects All Personal Devices Securely for Anytime, Anywhere Access to Digital Media and Data
Intelligent connectivity and storage — in a personal cloud space
Acer today previewed its upcoming AcerCloud, which securely connects all personal smart devices for anytime, anywhere access. Featuring Acer Always Connect technology, users can retrieve multimedia and data files anytime, even when their main PC is in sleep (standby/hibernation) mode. Users can enjoy these advantages knowing that their information is stored and transferred securely via strong encryption and authentication. Bringing users tremendous functionality and value, Acer will include the AcerCloud, without additional cost, on all new Acer consumer PCs.
Acer Unveils World's Thinnest Ultrabook: Aspire S5
Ultra-fluid form with hidden I/O panel
Acer unveiled the world's thinnest Ultrabook with the Aspire S5, an ultra-slim device that measures only 15 mm at the maximal point. It weighs less than 1.35 kg (less than 3 lbs.) and is built with a 13.3-inch (34 cm) LCD. In addition, it features the unique Acer Green Instant On technology for fast boot and resume, and Acer Always Connect, which lets users manage their multimedia and data on all their devices at anytime, anywhere — even from sleep.
Acer Presents Aspire Timeline Ultra
Featuring long battery life, high performance, Acer Green Instant On and Acer Always Connect
Since Acer rolled out the first Ultrabook in September 2011, the company has extended the product's unique features across its mainstream line of notebooks with 14-inch and 15-inch models. Acer today unveils the Aspire Timeline Ultra featuring 8 hours of battery life, high performance and a 2-spindle design in an Ultrabook. They feature Acer Green Instant On for fast boot and resume, and Acer Always Connect technology, which lets users manage their multimedia and data on all their devices at anytime, anywhere —even from sleep.