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Enhance Gaming Experience

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Meeting Gamers’ Needs

Gaming machines rely heavily on optimization so it made sense to develop an app that could maximize performance. And thus, PredatorSense™ was born — to meet the needs of our audience.

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Evolution of PredatorSense™

The GUI of PredatorSense™ is like a living organism. Over time, we adapt it to fit the needs of the user and the capability of the machine. With each stage, it improves.

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Total Centralized Control

With PredatorSense™, users can customize, control and enhance elements of their game and hardware environments all from one place.

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Customizable Environment

Create your own customized profile to fit the level of gameplay you demand.

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It Comes Easy

The tabs make navigating to the setting you want to change incredibly easy.

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Seeing is Knowing

Interpreting hardware information is made easier with the use of infographics. No need to fiddle with BIOS-like alterations to your system.

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One and the Same

PredatorSense™ is and will always be developed and improved for whom it matters most — which is for you, the gamer.

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