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Predator Triton 700 - overview - Large

Predator Triton 700

Concrete Angles / Sharp & Sleek
Powerful Thermal Design

Predator Triton 700 ksp 01 Large

Vibrant Operating Area

Echoing the its sharp and sleek profile, the slash-combined speakers and thermal intake on the operating surface deliver an aerodynamic visual effect. Moveover, its trapezoidal translucent glass area not only shows the details of the AeroBlade and the thermal pipes, but also works as a fully-functional functioning touchpad.

Predator Triton 700 ksp 02 Large
Slight Mechanical Keyboard Haz clic para ver más detalles

Excellent Gaming Experience

Usability and reliability is especially important in gaming keyboards and mice

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Predator Triton 700 ksp 03 Large

Evolved from a Legend

Inherited from the legendary gaming machine—Predator 21 X, the Falcon Triton 700 demonstrates its shows evident angular details, attention-grabbing accent highlights, and robust thermal exhaust in a much slimmer profile without decreasing the visual impact.

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