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Unlock Acer Chromebooks capabilities with Chrome Education Upgrade bundled together

Leverage the full capabilities of Chrome OS to free up IT resources and give educators more time to focus on learning outcomes.

Simplified deployment

Fast-track enrollment
Provision Chromebooks at scale
Track and analyze fleet devices

Powerful access controls

Use kiosk or locked mode for tests and exams
Securely enable shareable devices
Log-in restriction to school account only

Advanced security

Access advanced security settings
Keep BYOD and school devices secure
Protect data with remote wipe
Students' privacy protection

Premium Support

24/7 IT admin support at no extra cost

Why purchase Acer Chromebooks with Chrome Education Upgrade?

Get the best of Chrome OS with the powerful management capabilities and advanced security of Chrome Education Upgrade – without the hassle of managing device Upgrades.

Reduce the time, effort, and complexity of provisioning, deploying, and managing Chromebooks in a school fleet

Streamline and simplify the buying process

Provide the devices and software Upgrades that your school, teachers, and students need to get started, right out of the box

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