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Stories Beyond the Grid

Gentlemen start your engines! We show you what is really going on in Formula One and how Acer provides Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN with the best solutions they need.

2021 Season Full Episodes

Episode 9


Alessandro Cinelli – Head of Aerodynamics

New ConceptD workstations are being equipped with spatial computing solutions that simulate and optimize the car’s aerodynamics, an essential element in improving overall car performance.

Episode 8


Bjorn Ganz - Trackside Engineer

Working in external environment monitor's must have is the Antiglare screen. Acer VisionCare incorporates several technologies to reduce eye strain. Over 50 Acer Monitors are connected during the race and any kind of reflection is not allowed since Bjorn's team can’t miss a millisecond.

Episode 7


Beat Zehnder - Sporting Director

Most of Beat job is done outside at a race track, at the back of the paddock or in the pit lane. All IT equipment of his team must be able to cope with changing weather conditions and withstand heat, cold, sun, rain, sand dust.

Episode 6

Everything Under Control

Xevi Pujolar - Head Track Engineer

High contrast is guaranteed on Acer Monitors and a crystal-clear view, even under extreme conditions, is really significant for Xevi and his collaborators at the pit wall in order to have everything under control.

Episode 5


Axel Kruse - Operations Director

Seat fitting is a complex task which represents an intriguing technical science in itself. How are they made, why are they so special, and how do they keep a driver safe…Watch yourself "F1 driver seat explained" with Axel.

Episode 4


Ruth Buscombe - Head of Race Strategy

Race strategy starts way before the GP weekend, with millions of simulations to calculate the best scenarios for qualifying and for the race. Ruth relies on the powerful and ultra-portable Spin 5 to have all key parameters available at her fingertips.

Episode 3

Connected with Acer

Alexander Chan - Performance Engineer

Large data streams between car, pit box and Hinwil headquarters need the highest level of IT equipment performance. Acer business family range, from Tablets to Notebooks to Workstations fulfills the demand on a military grade level.

Episode 2


Pedro Cebrian - Digital & Social Media Manager

Formula One has been the fastest growing sport on social media. Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN's social media manager, Pedro, needs to edit and publish 100s of contents with its ConceptD worktation almost in real time to attract new fans and engage with current fans.

Episode 1

Designed to Race

ConceptD solutions for supreme productivity

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN needs incredible power and accuracy to get the best car design. ConceptD workstation solutions ensure maximum productivity and reliability for the 250 Sauber engineers throughout the car design phases.


Stories Beyond the Grid

Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN & Acer

Stories Beyond the Grid gives you a look behind the scenes of Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN and how Acer Solutions help the team both on and off the track in one of the world's greatest racing competitions.

Cast & Favorite devices

Frédéric Vasseur

Team Principal

 Swift 7 - Thumb

Swift 7

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Jan Monchaux

Technical Director

 ConceptD 7 Pro - Thumb

ConceptD 7

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Beat Zehnder

Sporting Director

 Enduro T5 - Thumb


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Xevi Pujolar

Head Trackside Engineering

 ConceptD 7 - Thumb

ConceptD 7

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Alessandro Cinelli

Head of Aerodynamics

 ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition - Thumb

ConceptD 7 SpatialLabs Edition

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Ruth Buscombe

Head of Race Strategy

 Spin 5 - Thumb

Spin 5

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Pedro Cebrian

Digital & Social Media Manager

 ConceptD 7 Ezel - Thumb

ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro

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Alexander Chan

Performance Engineer

 TravelMate P6 - Thumb

TravelMate P6

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Bjorn Ganz

Trackside Systems Engineer

 Monitor B6 - Thumb

Acer Monitor B6

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Axel Kruse

Operations Director

 ConceptD 700 - Thumb

ConceptD 700

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