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Smart Parking

Your Smart Parking Assistant for the City

Where Can I Find a Parking Space?

How hard is it to find a parking space in a city? According to statistics, drivers waste 55 hours a year looking for parking, and vehicles looking for parking account for 30% of all city traffic. It is clear that parking is a serious issue for both traffic and drivers.

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Automatic Street Parking Availability Notification

The Smart Parking Meter can automatically announce the availability of a parking space, and report that availability to the PKLOT APP1. The driver can then quickly locate available parking spaces through the app.

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Accurate License Plate Recognition System

The triangular Smart Parking Meter can detect vehicles entering the parking space from either end and use license plate recognition to automatically charge for parking.

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Find a Parking Space Fast

Use the PKLOT APP1 to find the parking lots that are nearby as well as their going rates, remaining spaces, GPS navigation and more!

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Smart Transit - Electronic Payment

Smart Transit in a Digital World

Transit systems are incredbily interconnected, so getting from Point A to Point B should be easy. Go a cashless route by making payments with your smartphone/contactless card and make traveling a breeze.

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1 The PKLOT app can only be used in Taiwan