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Redefining Working Efficiency

As laptops get faster, smarter, and more powerful, it’s much easier for us to compile information, edit text files, generate charts and spreadsheets, and integrate different types of data. Because of this people are benefiting from more efficient communication. Now, we’re making communication even better.
Chromebook Spin 13

A4 Format Display for Better Reading

Widescreens are good for watching videos. But for reading or web browsing, a vertical A4 format, with a 3:2 ratio, is a better solution.

Chromebook Spin 13
Chromebook Spin 13

Creating , Communicating , Inspiring

Rapidly gathering information, generating proposals, compiling reports, sharing opinions, communicating, and inspiring new ideas. To be more productive, every single step matters.

Chromebook Spin 13

Simple, But with Charming Details

Working is not always easy. Analyzing complex problems, making difficult decisions. Sometimes, we just need something simple to work with. Even so, it’s still great to have an eye-catching feature to demonstrate one’s taste and style.

Pursuing Precision & Accuracy

Act fast, act right. To increase working efficiency, all we need is more precision and accuracy. And, that’s exactly how we designed this laptop: with more precision and accuracy.

More Confidence, More Productivity