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Acer Chromebox CXI3 to Second Display? — Acer Community

Hello all,  I am using a Chromebox CXI3 and a Sceptre monitor for work.


I WANT TO BUY THE ACER CHROMEBOX CX13 and would like to manufacturer to change the processor to intel core i7 10th generation, increase the memory to 64gb ddr4…

Need info regarding Acer Chromebox CXI2-2GKM — Acer Community

I am looking for info regarding the Chromebox.  Can it be left on 24/7?  My father is disabled and would be unable to access the power button - currently he is u…

Acer KIEV Chromebox — Acer Community

I'm reading much buzz about the purported Acer KIEV Chromebox ($99).  Any details?  Release date?  Thanks!

Chromebook and Chromebox Display Resolution — Acer Community

Chromebook and Chromebox Display Resolution concerns.

CXI3 Chromebox power on after power loss. — Acer Community

I have a friend who is bedridden.  I replaced her dead NUC with a CXI3.  It is used for streaming.

Acer Chromebox Enterprise CXI3 | Acer United States Acer Chromebox Enterprise CXI3 | Acer United States

Enjoy a fluent user experience and cloud-based efficiency in a tiny fitted design, best suited for kiosks, digital signage and educational institutions.

chromebox videos — Acer Community

chromebox lets me play videos but not all on facebook

Acer Chromebox CXI3 or Chromebase CA24I2 and CA24V2 may boot to a solid white screen - Acer Community

Why does my Acer Chromebox or Chromebase boot to a solid white screen? An issue has been identified with a Google OS update that may cause your Acer Chromebox or Chromebase to boot to a white screen if the update does not install completely. Acer is working closely with Google to resolve the issue in a future Chrome OS…

ChromeBOX CXI3 release ,,,, and CXI2 info wanted . — Acer Community

Hi ACER , all ,,, Anyone know when the new ChromeBOX CXI3 might be for sale in the USA ,,,, and at what price ???