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Aspire A315-51 touchpad problem — Acer Community

It's about 2 weeks I purchased Aspire A315-51. It is a great laptop except for touchpad that is problematic, and what I mean is:

Aspire A315-41-R2W5 M.2 slot upgrade? — Acer Community

Hi their, i recently bought a acer aspire model A315-41-R2W5.

Display shuts down.Aspire A315-20. — Acer Community

I have an Aspire A315-20.

Acer Aspire A315-41G-R4BW - Can i upgrade my screen? — Acer Community

Hello I have an Acer Aspire a315-41g-r4bw and currently my screen is broken due to an accident and I wonder that if im going to replace the screen (yes im…

What do i use to upgrade my acer m.2? aspire a315 — Acer Community

Hi guys ..  (Image) What do i use . Pics 1 . Or pics 2 . For acer aspire a315-41g-r4bw? Thank you all .. God bless Edited by, Acer-David.

Acer Aspire A315-41-R4WN touchpad doesn't work at all even after installing drivers. — Acer Community

Hi,my sister bought an Acer Aspire A315-41-R4WN but after a month the touchpad stopped working,i installed again the drivers and still doesn't work,please …

Does Acer Aspire A315-53G-3967 M.2 SSD — Acer Community

Noob question I bought an Acer Aspire A315-53G-3967 last week I was wondering if it has an M.2 SSD slot and what type of M.2 ssd will that it be.

Help My Acer Aspire A315-41 Won't turn ON if i press power button — Acer Community

a few weeks ago I bought an Acer a315-41 laptop, then a few days later I felt something was wrong with this laptop when I installed the charger, I heard the…

How to fix Critical Process Died?Acer aspire A315-21-616E — Acer Community

Hi, I have an Acer aspire A315-21-616E and every time I log on and enter the password, it takes me to the normal screen but after 30 seconds it starts to show the blue screen.

Aspire A315-51 double-finger scrolling not working — Acer Community

Hi! I have a problem with my newly bought Acer Aspire laptop. It is an Aspire A315-51-35LM with an original Linux Endless OS.