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Less than one month old Acer Aspire A315-42 trackpad stopped working randomly — Acer Community

Hi all, I was browsing the web, when all of a sudden my Windows 10 S Acer Aspire A315-42 laptop trackpad stopped working. The pointer just froze.

Memory upgrade for Acer Aspire A315-21-95KF — Acer Community

Is the memory in an Acer Aspire user upgradable, or is it soldered in?

My Acer Aspire (A315-31-C3XC) will not charge, can I use my other charger? — Acer Community

My Acer Aspire (A315-31-C3XC) will not charge and its on critical battery, can I use my other acer charger which is model A13-040N3A?

Aspire A315-42 Touchpad drivers not working after Windows 10 Upgrade — Acer Community

Hello all, I have recently rebuilt my Aspire A315-42 I have installed all of the drivers however my touch pad still does not work.

acer aspire a315-51-31rd motherboard upgrade? — Acer Community

Hi guys, I have the acer aspire a315-51-31rd and I need a better processor. Is there any motherboard with a faster processor that suits mines? 

Can I buy the Acer aspire a315-41-r45r — Acer Community

Hii I'm about to buy this one..

acer aspire a315-41 Charger Adapter heating very much — Acer Community

Hello I am new to this community,I recently purchased acer aspire a315-41,its working fine but the adaptor when charging and using the laptop at same time is…

BLACK SCREEN!! PLEASE HELP(Acer Aspire A315-41G-R5U3 ) — Acer Community

I have some issues with my Acer Aspire A315-41G-R5U3 with Ryzen 3 and Radeon Graphics. It sometimes goes black screen while I'm using it.

Acer Aspire A315 - Ryzen 2500U stuck at 400Mhz — Acer Community

Hello On my Aspire A315, I'm facing this problem since a couple of days. The CPU is stuck at 400Mhz for some reason.

Acer Aspire A315-21-47B4 - SSD replacement — Acer Community

Can I replace the hard drive on my acer a-315-21-47b4 with an SSD drive? Thank you in advance.