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Acer Showcases Cloud-Based Remote Healthcare Solutions with BYOC™ Partners
LAS VEGAS (2016-01-05)
As the information and communications technology industry is going through a paradigm shift from PC-centric, mobile-centric, to IoT (Internet of Things)-centric, Acer has proposed the new IoB (Internet of Beings) concept, a human-centric network based on a collective of intelligence. Acer today showcased its latest developments in the healthcare realm, which it identifies as one of the key areas of the IoB. At its BYOC™ (Build Your Own Cloud) showcase in Las Vegas, Acer displayed solutions based on the Acer Open Platform (AOP) with its hardware partners, with applications spanning from health monitoring to remote diagnostics.

“The World Health Organization expects that the proportion of the world’s population over 60-years-old will nearly double between 2015 and 2050 , said Maverick Shih, President of BYOC Business Group, Acer Inc. “With the aging society, we expect that long-term care will be a key area in the upcoming developments of healthcare technology.”

Shih continued, “Healthcare has always been one of the focus applications of Acer’s BYOC developments. We strive to create total solutions integrating elements from different verticals, enabling remote diagnostics so that elders or those with chronic situations can monitor their health condition from the ease and comfort of their own home.”

The solutions demonstrated include:
  • Health monitoring: Those under care can measure their vital signals or home air quality daily through blood pressure- and air quality monitors. The data can be continuously recorded and uploaded to a management platform through the Acer Open Platform (AOP) for medical professionals to analyze, and if any abnormalities are detected, provide medical advice or notify healthcare providers
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  • Remote diagnostics: Those who do not require intensive medical attention, but need to be monitored for extended periods, can interact with medical professionals through smart devices or interactive telepresence equipment for remote diagnostic purposes. Vitals such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and body temperature can be uploaded to a management platform through the AOP, for recording and analysis. Those in need of care can receive professional advice and feedback in real time, thereby lowering the cost for long-term care.
The partners that participated in Acer’s BYOC showcase include:
  • Device manufacturers: Omron, a medical device and family healthcare leader; CoAsia, indoor air quality monitoring provider; and MivaTek, a comprehensive smart home and care service provider.
  • Platform providers: myDevices, an IoT solution middleware provider; and Revolve Robotics, manufacturer of Kubi, the simple, engaging telepresence robot for tablets.