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Acer Invites Stakeholders to Join BYOC™ Alliance
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-10-15)

Acer today held its first Acer BYOC™ forum under the theme of “Creating a Wangdao Ecosystem Together.”  In addition to outlining the direction and development of BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud), Stan Shih called out to all stakeholders to join the BYOC alliance and the benevolent Wangdao ecosystem. Currently, BYOC applications are available in the fields of connected car, healthcare, telecommunication and connected home.

Stan Shih, Acer honorary chairman and chief architect of BYOC said, “Together with our partners, we will create value and build a mechanism to balance interests to change the world in the era of cloud computing.” 

At the forum Shih emphasized Acer’s passion to change the world:

  • 38 years ago, Acer started out in microprocessors with the ambition to catch up with the West and begin a second industrial revolution.
  • In 1984 Acer’s own brand business unexpectedly changed the global PC ecosystem.
  • 30 years later in 2014, with an internal consensus to have the “Passion to change the world,” Acer is setting out with its partners and its BYOC vision to change the cloud ecosystem in the era of cloud computing

Shih also highlighted examples of Acer’s continuous efforts, illustrating that the desire to change has been a part of everything Acer has done:

  • 1980     The Dragon Chinese terminal with Dragon Input Method, which by using standard English software changed the world for Chinese computer users
  • 1991     Participated in the ACE alliance to change the x86 monopoly ecosystem
  • 1992     Global brand with a local touch, a fourth model for internationalization
  • 1995     The Aspire PC changed how PCs are designed
  • 1996     BC (Basic Computer), XC (Application specific computer) initiatives
  • 2001     Mega Micro (today’s cloud) - Mega infrastructure, Micro services.

The implementation of all aspects of Acer’s BYOC strategy will be fully supported by Acer’s BYOC and Tablet Business Group, in collaboration with technology partners to develop products and services via the Acer Open Platform (AOP).

Maverick Shih, President of Acer’s BYOC and Tablet Business Group said, “To help promote our partner’s BYOC enabled products and services, Acer has created the ‘Acer BYOC empowered’ mark, so that partners can draw on Acer's global brand and channel for joint promotion and sharing of results.”

In terms of Connected Car, Acer will provide its partners with the AOP platform and the necessary hardware. In healthcare, partners can work with Acer on products and services, and promote via the ‘ab’ sub-brand or under the “Acer BYOC empowered” umbrella with AOP and hardware support.

In telecommunications, with a new C&C (Computing & Communication) focus , Acer will license software and jointly develop and outsource professional services and promote with ‘Acer BYOC empowered’, while expanding the AOP to become a  C&C platform to jointly develop and innovate new applications and services.  In Connected Home Acer will provide AOP applications and promotion through Acer products.

Acer today signed letters of intent with three new partners to the BYOC alliance: Egis Technology Inc.(EgisTec), a leading sensor provider of fingerprint biometrics and data encryption; APEX Medical Corporation, a prominent support surfaces product manufacturer in Asia and a leading company in the medical care industry; and EBM Technologies, Inc., creates and markets systems that automate patients' images and information for diagnosis through web-based medical management solutions.