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Acer Partners with Octon for BYOC™ Solutions in the Telecommunication Field
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-10-14)

Acer announced a new partnership with Octon Inc., a leading software company for multimedia business collaboration & communications and contact center solutions for enterprise and service provider, to expand its BYOC (Build Your Own Cloud™) solutions into the field of telecommunications. Going forward, Acer BYOC will integrate its computer hardware technology and cloud services for the new C&C (Computing and Communication) cloud era. Since Acer premiered its BYOC solutions in May, the company has brought together more than 20 different industry partners to collaborate and create value together.

“Acer has 38 years of computer hardware technology knowhow,” said Stan Shih, Acer Honorary Chairman and Chief Architect of Acer BYOC, “combine this with Octon’s 17 years of experience in the enterprise & service provider telecommunications industry, we will complement each other’s strengths to collaborate and create all IP (internet protocol) with SDN (software defined network) digital telecommunication model built on the cloud platform to embrace a new era of C&C.”

Shih added, “On the Acer Open Platform, we will build a mechanism based the Wangdao beliefs to create value and balance the interests of all stakeholders. With this passion and motivation, Acer and its partners will change the world in the era of cloud computing.”

The earliest communication technology was based on the first-generation analog crosspoint switch that slowly evolved to the second generation digital switch, and eventually to the current third generation internet telephony softswitch in which Octon has expertise in and has advantage over other telecommunication companies. The new partnership will be based on the fourth generation of Octon’s multimedia communications technology, coupled with Acer's international brand, global network, and R&D resources to provide telecommunication solutions for enterprises of all sizes. The earliest deliverables of the new partnership may be expected at the beginning of 2015.

Acer and Octon will develop a set of solutions called abPBX plus, a BYOC-based multimedia private branch exchange (PBX ) system, to address current and future needs of enterprises with a series of cost reducing, performance enhancing solutions that improve flexibility and lessen communication barriers. The solutions will provide switchboard/switch functionalities, instant messaging, and use smartphones as virtual extensions. abPBX plus can also be used in meeting rooms with Acer’s wireless projector for multiple video conferencing or virtual meetings. The solutions can significantly reduce the cost of hardware, save space, improve employees’ mobility and their ease of communication.

Acer hopes that the partnership will serve as Acer BYOC’s first step into the field of telecommunications for the "new C&C," expanding the Acer Open Platform as the C&C platform, combining the knowhow of Acer's computer technology and Octon’s telecommunications to jointly create innovative applications and services for a win-win partnership.