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Acer Projectors Present Vibrant Colors and Long-lasting Performances with Advanced Color Technologies - With Acer ColorBoost 3D and ColorSafe technologies, Acer projectors present sharp and highly consistent colors even after extensive usage.
TAIPEI, TAIWAN (2014-09-01)

Acer, the world’s No. 3 projector brand and No. 1 in Germany(1), continues to enhance its projector portfolio with ColorBoost 3D and ColorSafe advanced technologies for brighter, more realistic images and color fidelity. Even after thousands of hours of usage, Acer projectors continue to deliver consistent, natural colors.

At IFA 2014 starting September 5, Acer will showcase its portfolio of projectors including the high-end home series H7550ST, H9505BD, H7532BD, H6510BD, H5380BD, and portable C205 and K137 projectors.

Acer ColorBoost 3D technology is a combination of three technical advancements that improve the optical color performance while reducing color shifts and brightness decay, for 2D and 3D visuals:

  • 6-segment color wheel - allows independent color control and offers a wider color gamut via a patented wheel coating, which boosts color saturation by an extra 30%, projecting a wider range of colors.
  • Lamp illumination technology - applies waveform controls on the lamp power to maximize reproduction of each color without sacrificing the brightness.
  • Texas Instruments’ DLP™ image processor - concentrates on the improvement of mid-tone colors – cyan, yellow and white – for additional color reproduction and brightness improvement.

Acer ColorSafe technology combines the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD, the chip at the heart of DLP technology) and dynamic RGB control techniques that prevents yellow hues, the sign of color delay, so that color fidelity is preserved even after prolonged usage. In addition, Acer uses high-grade projector lamps to extend the projectors’ lifespan.

Acer projectors are BYOC™ (Build Your Own Cloud) (2) ready to seamlessly integrate with Acer PCs for accessing data anytime, anywhere. In Q2 2014 (1) worldwide, Acer achieved 43% on-year growth above the market average of 14%. In EMEA, Acer achieved a high of 15.8% market share and 72% on-year growth versus the market average of 26%. In Germany, Acer retained its No. 1 position with 30.6% market share.

Visit the Acer Booth at IFA 2014 in Berlin Messe (Hall 12/101) which will be open to the public from September 5-10.

(1) PMA Research - 2014Q2 All Projectors, unit shipment.
(2) Acer BYOC will be ready for selected projector segments.