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Managing Emotion and Activation for Optimal Practice and Play

Everyone has their own sweet-spot when it comes to emotion. It is important that players learn where they play best and for what purpose. Tilting is something every esports player has either experienced themselves or seen others demonstrate and it can cause a major disruption in practice and performance and will drastically degrade enjoyment. Although common, tilting is not the only form inappropriately managed emotion. In fact, any excess of emotion can negatively impact performance. Emotional regulation is a skill that must be learned and developed to use successfully when the game demands it. Developing a plan and knowing what strategies work best for you will put you ahead of your competition!

Dan Himmelstein

Dan Himmelstein earned his Master’s Degree in Sport and Performance Psychology and has dedicated his career to high-level performance development in the esports space. His passion is to help players and teams maximize their potential by teaching them to improve efficiently and perform consistently. He has worked with some of the most elite gamers in the world helping to develop the right culture and mindset to promote optimal performance. Training the mental side of esports is much like training mechanics in that it takes practice, time, and dedication to acquire new skills and utilize them in high-pressure situations. He is here to help you adhere to right mindset and use mental skills to achieve your definition of success and promote optimal enjoyment no matter what your game is.

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