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Acer sMeet

The Secure Way to Meet

A secure, robust, and on-premises solution platform used for video conferencing, telecommuting, distance education. Acer sMeet is your best choice for all your important meetings.

Built for Your Business Needs

Acer sMeet is a video conferencing platform that provides a secure and customizable choice for your company’s dynamic, ever-changing needs. With our end-to-end encryption and configurable on-premises deployment options, Acer sMeet provides your business with a premium and secure meeting experience.


By being on-premises, all the video and audio data stay within the company, making it suitable for meetings or organizations with highly sensitive information.

High Quality

Acer sMeet provides you with the highest quality of video according to your network’s bandwidth to ensure you have the smoothest conferencing experience possible.


With just a few clicks, easily emblazon your Acer sMeet conference page with your company’s logo and themes.


Acer sMeet has no account limitations, making it easier for all users to get started.

Classified Data Management

All videos saved on-premises feature watermarks and can only be accessed with proper authority, providing increased security for sensitive tasks or teamwork.

Join Meetings From Anywhere

No special application to be installed to your computer - simply join from your Chrome browser.
For mobile users, iOS and Android applications are available for download as well.

Convenience and Total Ease of Use

Create persistent and exclusive meeting rooms while arranging Acer sMeet meetings with your own personal calendar. Also easily share documents, slides or screen with attendees.

Efficient Network Usage

Unlike other video conferencing solutions, Acer sMeet does not need to connect to regional cloud hubs in distant locations. Instead, we connect to locally deployed servers and minimize the affects of network latency while reducing external bandwidth.

Solution Offering

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